Update on leadership at Oaks Primary Academy.

Dear parents and carers,

You will know that Mr Moore started his new role as Vice Principal at Oaks Primary Academy this term. He and Mrs Mehigan, Assistant Principal, are an exceptionally strong senior team supporting Mrs Tipple to lead the academy.

Due to her very strong leadership, Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) is asking Mrs Tipple to run another primary academy for the autumn term in addition to Oaks. Mrs Tipple will have been Principal at Oaks for five years in January. Over that time, the academy has gone from strength to strength. It is regularly in the top 5% of high-performing Kent primaries and its key stage two results are categorised as “Well Above Average” by the government. 

From January, Mrs Tipple has accepted a promotion within LAT to transfer full-time to the larger primary academy she is currently leading in addition to Oaks. This means that LAT is beginning a recruitment campaign to appoint a new Principal to lead Oaks from that point in time. Like Mrs Tipple, this new Principal will continue to be supported by our Academies Director, Mrs Biggenden, who many of you will know as an ex-Oaks Principal herself.

The Trust is very proud of the staff and pupils at Oaks and tremendously grateful to Mrs Tipple for her five very successful years in charge. For now, she will continue to make Oaks her top priority. I will be in touch with you again in due course once a new appointment is made.


Yours faithfully,

Simon Beamish | Chief Executive