Online Safety

Parents of children at Oaks Primary Academy can sign up to National Online Safety (free of charge).

We regularly share advice from NOS on our social media pages as well as in our newsletter with all parents. Termly assemblies are held for the whole school regarding online safety where we can reinforce the online safety principles which we follow: Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Alert, Be Sharp, Be Secure.

Using Google Classroom – A quick guide to help you set up with your child

Check your Learning Schedule that was emailed home from school for your child’s classroom code. You’ll also need their email and password.

Online Safety Advice

If you are concerned about a child or young adult being groomed online or are concerned with who they are communicating with whilst online, then you can report this immediately.

REPORT CONCERNS HERE view our online safety policy

Top 5 Tips for Parents and Carers

  1. Have family rules about how the internet will be used at home and be clear about what information is safest to share online.
  2. Discuss rules about making and meeting online friends.
  3. Make sure you know what your children are doing online much like you would in “real” life.
  4. Make sure that your children are aware that people on websites can lie online.
  5. Make sure your child understands that online actions can have offline consequences.

Helpful Websites

Some useful websites for parents and carers regarding Online Safety for children: