We expect ALL our pupils to wear the school uniform as it enables them to feel part of their class and the school family.

We consider our school uniform to be a crucial part of the high expectations that we have for our school. Your support is very much appreciated and we would ask that all parents ensure that children come to school dressed appropriately, without nail varnish and with only plain stud earrings and watches for jewellery.


  • Academy logo red sweatshirt
  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • White polo shirt
  • Black shoes (not trainers or sandals)
  • Grey or white socks


  • Academy logo red sweatshirt
  • Academy logo red cardigan
  • Grey trousers, skirt, shorts or pinafore dress
  • White polo shirt
  • Black shoes (not trainers or sandals)
  • For the summer, a red checked dress


  • Academy logo red book bag (we do not have the space to store other bags or rucksacks).
  • Supermarket and other makes of jumpers and cardigans without the Academy logo are not acceptable items of uniform.
  • As part of their school uniform children are expected to wear black waterproof shoes or boots (that go no higher than the ankle bone). Children must be able to put these on and take them off independently. If it is raining or snowing children, are of course, able to wear boots to school but need to bring their school shoes to change into once in school.

pe kit

  • Academy logo PE T Shirts – Red, Blue, Green or Yellow.
  • Academy logo Black Sweatshirt
  • Black unisex shadow stripe shorts (No Lycra or Cycling shorts) – and plain black joggers (no logos) for the Winter
  • Trainers – NO plimsolls (Velcro trainers for KS1)
  • (Girls) White socks if wearing tights

Earring Policy

Earrings are not allowed to be worn in PE lessons. This is based on the safety of the child.  We do not tape because it doesn’t stay on and the amount of tape used needs to be sufficient to prevent the back of the earring penetrating the bone behind the ear; for example, an unintentional blow received from someone or some item of equipment, such as a ball, may cause such an injury. 

On PE days all earrings should be removed at home before the pupil comes to school.

We understand that children want their ears pierced and ask that you have them pierced at the end of the summer term to ensure that they heal over the summer break ready for the new academic year in September.

Brigade Uniform Suppliers

Brigade are the suppliers for our embroidered school uniform, of which parents will be able to order directly from.

For any additional information regarding school uniform and Brigade, please call the school office.