Chaffinch – Year 6 by Johnathan

In Year 6, we have been learning about The Arts: Drama, Dance, Music, Art and Literature. As part of this inquiry, we are learning about how people engage with the Arts in our school and we have also written to our link school – Sele School in Malawi – to see how they engage with the Arts too. We have also asked them questions about their school so that we can compare what’s the same and what is different. For our class homework, we are going to choose our own area of the Arts to create a project on. We can do this by ourselves or in groups.

Our class novel is called No Ballet Shoes in Syria and it’s about a girl called Aya, who used to go to ballet school in Syria, however, because of the bombing, her family fled to Manchester – England. This book shows us that people go through different experiences around the world.