Community is an integral part of Oaks Primary Academy’s curriculum. 

Our pupils need to understand and engage with their local community before they can consider the global community in the context of becoming internationally-minded. Therefore, we ensure that pupils have regular opportunities to familiarise themselves with the local area and the people who live and work here. Through their learning, they come to understand the history and geography of the area, as well as being introduced to individuals and organisations local to them who may be able to offer help, support or advice to themselves or their families.

At OPA, we make use of the expertise and resources around us so that our pupils can also learn from their community. We have regular visitors in school who introduce pupils to new ideas, who inspire them, who support them, who teach them new skills and who act as positive role models in the community.

As a result of the development of the Learner Profile Attributes and the promotion of agency and action, pupils are instilled with a sense of social responsibility. We work with pupils, parents and families to collaborate on projects and initiatives that improve their lives and the lives of the local community. During normal schooling times, families are regularly invited into Oaks Primary Academy to join in with our learning. 

International Community

Oaks Primary Academy has worked with the charity Starfish Malawi since January 2020 and are officially linked to Sele L.E.A school in Malawi. The main goals of the link are to develop global citizenship of the children in both schools, to share teaching and learning practice in both schools and to broaden and enrich educational opportunities in both schools.

As International Mindedness is central to the PYP, pupils and staff at Oaks are always seeking ways to connect with others around the world.  

Staff from Oaks Primary Academy were due to travel to the school in Malawi in May 2020, with a return visit from the Malawi teachers to our school community in July 2021 however this has been postponed until it is safe to travel internationally. 

In the meantime, we keep in regular contact with Grace Mosa – the Headteacher at Sele school. Pupils actively think of situations where they can share learning with Sele school and find out about the pupils’ experiences there. Our PE teacher, Mrs Palmer, sends updates about her PE lessons and how our pupils keep active.

We are also pursuing a link school in Spain as this will further support our learning and teaching of Spanish at Oaks.

Celebrating our International Community at Oaks

Year 6 carried out a language survey of pupils in our school. During whole school assemblies which Year 6 lead (pre lockdown), they begin the assembly in one of the languages represented in our school as well as sharing the flag and some facts about the country. This way, all pupils are being exposed to, sharing and celebrating the diverse languages present in our school Oaks community.