Year 6 Remembrance Rock Garden

Through our central idea around engaging with the arts, we decided we wanted to take action and create an outdoor art gallery for our community to enjoy. After much planning, we have finally assembled our rock garden for Remembrance Day; it started off with painting the rocks. Some people used one rock to paint a picture on and some others made poppies and a soldier at a grave. We made the date, 11.11, out of white rocks. You are very welcome to look at the rock garden! It is located at the main gate. We wrote letters to Wickes DIY to ask for wood for our cross and varnish for the stones because one of our classmate’s mums works there. Thank you Wickes! We have received messages from people in the community about how they have enjoyed looking at our rock garden and we are pleased: this is what we set out to do – to engage the community in our artwork.