Year 5 – Making model aircraft – 28th January 2016

Year 5 – Making model aircraft – 28th January 2016

In Year 5 at Oaks Primary Academy we have been learning about past inventions. Over these past two weeks we have been focusing on the Wright Brother’s invention of the airplane. To link both History and DT I organised for the parents to come in for an afternoon and what a success it was.

First, the children presented what they had learnt to their parents and then we moved over to the breakfast club area where we constructed our own airplanes…and of course there was a competition involved; which plane would fly the furthest and which plane had the best design.

The parents were able to see their children’s working environment and most importantly, it gave them the opportunity to feel the atmosphere that the children create with their inspiring enthusiasm. The main outcome I found with having the help of the parents was that it gave them a chance to work alongside their children to aid their learning. Everybody enjoyed the afternoon and there was a strong sense of community between both parents and staff. I will definitely be organising another afternoon like this soon.

Erik, Year 5 “I enjoyed it, it was fun and it was very comforting with my mum helping me and my friend.”

Tawana, Year 5 “I now know how to create a plane and enjoyed some time with my dad in my school.”