Term 4 Week 3

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks, one of them learning remotely and one of those back in our classroom. It is fair to say that we are delighted to be back in school, see our friends and continue with our learning. It has taken us no time at all to resettle and our Learner Profile Attributes have helped us to be successful.

During our last week of remote learning we celebrated World Book Day in school and at home. We completed quizzes, shared stories, discussed our favourite characters, read in some unusual places, dressed up and so much more.

We had a pair of Wimpy kids which made us laugh out loud when they appeared during our live lesson!

Smurf (Nardin’s dog) joined in the fun and then there was Miss Cantrell… we think she had the most fun out of everyone.


Our first week back in school has been lots of fun especially as it has been Science Week. Read here to find out more about what we have been up to.

Nardin says: I have shown being open minded when we have been outside looking at the bumble bee mystery which asks us to see if bees will be attracted to Oaks Primary Academy. We think that with some more flowers in vibrant colours growing they will be attracted. As well as that we have been busy researching facts about bumble bees.  Did you know that only female bees can sting but males can not sting for they do not have a sting? 

Tyler says: In science we have been doing a bumble bee mystery trying to find bumble bees or trying to find out what would attract them to our school. I think the size of the flowers is important because bees want pollen to make honey so it would attract them. The colour is important too because bees like colours and especially bright ones and the smell of the flowers because maybe the bees will like the scent. So in science we have been thinkers.

These are Teddie’s thoughts: Me and Daisy were being communicators because we used our research skills to look at different facts about bees and we shared these facts about the bees.

Lanah says: This week in science we have been doing a bumble bee quest and it’s really fun! In the quest we have been trying to find bumble bees and we have been looking at flowers and plants where bumble bees live.

Bobby says: In science we have been communicators because we have been thinking about where Bumble bees might go. Yesterday we were doing a Bumble bee mystery to try and find Bumble bees but we didn’t find any. We are now looking at the different flowers that might attract bees to our school.


In our inquiry we have returned to our central idea ‘Stories communicate ideas’. We have had lots of fun reading many different versions of traditional stories and reflecting on the characters in the stories. We particularly enjoyed looking at wolves in stories and how they are often stereotyped as ‘bad’ characters.

Makai says: This term we have returned to our inquiry about stories. We have read different stories like the Three little wolves, the true story about the three little pigs and the big bad pig. On Tuesday we were planning to write an alternative traditional story. Most of us chose to focus on stories about wolves. On Wednesday and Thursday we told the story, edited our work, conferenced with our friends and published our stories. 

Lanah says: This term we have been learning about bees and we have been writing our own stories of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf but we have made up our own versions of it and thought about the different characters and how they have been stereotyped.

Leo shared a great summary of our first week back: In school we have been learning about a huge variety of things like in maths we were learning about decimals. Next is science where we have been learning about bees and what to do to attract bees. We also looked at  what flowers they like. There’s more, the third and final one I think inquiry! We have been writing our own stories and really focused on our central idea about how  stories communicate ideas.

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks of learning!