Term 4 Week 1 Update

Inquiry: An inquiry into the impact of human activity on the planet. 


This week, we have been investigating what animals are being affected worldwide by the actions of humans through deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, smuggling, poaching, overfishing, illegal souvenirs like ivory, and burning fossil fuels. We’ve also researched the difference between weather and climate as these can often get confused with each other. In school, we’ve been collaborating on making models of the Earth and 3D posters to show the effect of human activity on our environment.

We have to be open-minded to making changes in our lives to protect our planet. Also we have discovered that it’s not just animals in distant countries that are endangered: beavers were native to Britain but were hunted to extinction 400 years ago. We also found out from the WWf – World Wildlife Foundation, that many of the UK’s freshwater fish are critically endangered due to pollution, dirty rivers and sewage.

Esther from St Martin’s Church came to collect our Spring Poems and artwork. She is going to be delivering them to local care homes for us.

We feel very proud that our work will bring some joy and happiness to people who are feeling isolated now. Oliver has even shared our work with his aunt who works in a care home in Eastbourne so our poems are not just going to have an impact on our local community but also communities in different counties.

Also, we are going to share them with our link school in Malawi. We wonder what spring is like there for them?