Term 3 Week 5

Students have found some very creative ways to construct a food chain.

Our Learning:

We have enjoyed starting a new central idea, which is all about how the actions of individuals can affect others.

Our first question has been ‘Who can impact and change the lives of others?’
We shared our ideas about people we would like to learn about and used our research skills to find out more.

“I have really enjoyed learning about Sir David Attenborough. It was very interesting to know that he is literally the most travelled man in the world. I used my communication skills to discuss with my mum the thoughts behind everything.”


“Last week, I really enjoyed doing the inquiry when we got to choose who we learnt about. We had to choose someone who had changed peoples lives and I chose Alan Turing because I love the war and I watched a film about him. I think my learner profile attribute is reflective. I used my thinking skills and then my research skills to find out more. I used my computer skills to make slides and it was fun. ”


We wrote poems to thank the people who have changed our lives. Nardin wrote this very moving poem after we heard about the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Thank you



Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore

You said you wanted to raise money for the NHS

You started off aiming at £1000 but then people got wind of what you were doing and then

the nation stood beside you.

Beside, Beside, Beside


You hit millions before you knew

And you reached to the stars and the clouds

People’s faces when you got knighted by the Queen and nobody ever predicted this



But then you had go and fly to the heavens

We knew you had to go

But we salute you

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Forever an inspiration

In science, we have been investigating food chains. We found some very creative ways to construct a food chain.

We have been thinking about how we use the Learner Profile Attributes in our learning. We have definitely been reflective! Here are some of our ideas:

“I would really like to mention my communication skills on the food chain project where I used my favourite toys, open mindedness and risk taker attributes. It happened so, when I used the dinosaurs I thought that it would not be accepted because dinosaurs are extinct. On the contrary, it worked and my teacher liked it.”


“I am a good inquirer and knowledgeable because last week, I really enjoyed writing a balanced argument about whether zoos are a good or a bad thing. I used my research skills to find reasons for and against having zoos.”


We have been showing the ‘balanced’ learner profile attribute at home by looking after our minds and body. We have been busy with cooking, crafts and yoga!

Blue Jays have learnt a new skill! We have been collaborating on Jamboards to share our ideas with the whole class.

A collage of comments from students about what they have enjoyed about home learning this term.