Term 3 Week 5 Update

Recently in Year 6 we have been doing a new inquiry – People can learn from the lessons of the past to improve the present and the future. We had to investigate facts about the Industrial Revolution. Did you know that back then life expectancy was 40-43 years on the farmand in the city the life expectancy was 10 years less? I guess the citizens of the city back then weren’t so happy about that, am I right? We’ve also been looking at the inventions such as the Spinning Jenny. Surprisingly, Jenny is actually a type of donkey, I guess when you use the Spinning Jenny you can hear the voice of the donkey going “eeeeeehhhh ohhhhh!” Just kidding.

We have been doing live lessons. The live lessons help us because it’s easier to ask questions in the meeting than google classroom. It is also fun because we see our friendsand the interaction makes us feel like we are together.

The industrial revolution was an interesting time to be alive, several new inventions were created, such as the Spinning Jenny (made by James Hargraves), which could produce up to eight threads at once*. Other inventions included the Power Loom (designed by Edmund Cartwright, 1784), used to weave items such as cloth and tapestry. Then, of course, there was the Steam Train (invented by George Stephenson and Richard Trevithick, 1802),which was used to carry goods, as well as people, across the country – a true phenomenon.

We designed our own “Air Hotels” in case humans can no longer live on Earth based on the actions and choices that are made.
In the school hubs, we are learning how quick and easy it can be to make soup together: we made soup using butternut squash, parsnip, potato and leek.