Term 3 Week 4

Sparrows have been working extremely hard this week!

They have been inquiring about people’s personal histories and how this helps us to connect to others. 

They started by looking at themselves and their families. They discussed and created their family trees and looked into items that had connections to their personal history. 

Sparrows then moved on to researching a significant person in history especially considering the current situation that we are all in. Her name was Florence Nightingale.They learnt how that if Florence Nightingale hadn’t put into place the changes that were needed to improve hospital care we wouldn’t receive the outstanding service from our NHS today.

Sparrows then this week went back to looking at the walls they live in. They wanted to know why houses were made from bricks! They began comparing tudor style houses to modern day houses and inquired why they were so different today. They then discovered that an iconic point in history called The Great Fire of London was the reason that Sparrows can live safely in a sturdy , strong home today and without this point in history this might not have been possible!