Term 3 Week 3 Update

Term 3 Update: 

Our Central Idea, while working from home, has been: People’s rights vary around the world. We have learned a vast amount of new knowledge, beginning with what are Human Rights and who was responsible for the introduction of them? Our key concept of causation helped us to discover how and why they came to be.

From there, we have learned about the change in policing in the UK, to Victorian and Anglo Saxon Crime and Punishment; we have built links between this new historical knowledge to today’s Justice system. (We had a visit from a Magistrate in December!) We’ve compared human rights around the world, looking at places where basic rights that we take for granted are denied. We have looked at personal stories of young people fleeing Afghanistan to settle in the UK and have been inspired by the resilience and determination of one young man called Habib, who made this journey.


Hear what our Year 6 pupils have to say about their learning. 



Right now I am doing an inquiry about the Caribbean which is really fun since the Caribbean is where my family grew up. Now I have more knowledge about my family’s natural home. I’ve learnt so much about immigration and colonialism which I am really thankful for. An example from what I’ve learned about from colonialism is that countries such as France and England have colonized parts of the Caribbean. I believe I have used the Learner Profile Attribute Inquirer since I’ve been curious on finding out about new things and enjoying my learning.



Just recently, we were learning about a young man called Habib. He is from Afghanistan, but lives over here now. Habib shares an interesting and heartfelt story about his past life, back when he had to leave his home country with the only other family member he had left, and how he came over to our country. Habib was only very young at the time, and had many people fighting for him to decide whether he would be granted indefinite leave in the UK. However, I won’t spoil too much, but you can watch Habib’s story here on youtube right now if you wish: Just type in “Dear Habib” in a search bar, and it should come up as a youtube video from someone called PositiveNegativesOrg. This is only part of what Chaffinch Class have been learning about though, so make sure to take a look at what else we have been learning! 



My current inquiry is about migration from the Caribbean to the UK and it’s been fascinating learning about  the Caribbean and colonial history.  It was sad about how we treated them when the Caribbean people came to England (The Windrush Generation) and it inspired me to make a difference in the future. 



We have been thinkers and communicators during this time at home and also we have been learning about The Carribean .



We have made soup from Mrs Palmer’s soup challenge (butternut squash, parsnip and sweet potato) and she has done the couch to 5k. What ?!?!?! I will try to do the couch to 5k like Mrs Palmer did and I can do it with Stanlee in school. 

In school, we have also been building Meccano, designing planes and motorbikes. The pieces are really small and we have to be careful putting them together. This is really good for our science, engineering and maths work.