School Displays

Class Displays Term 4 2020

A variety of displays sharing inquiries and learning across Key Stage 2 (Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Kingfishers and Chaffinches).

Displays sharing learning in Key Stage 1 (Sparrows and Blackbirds).

Some examples of displays and learning in our Early Years classes (Ducklings and Robins).

Corridor Displays Term 1 2019

Wonderful displays sharing the texts each class have been using as part of their inquiry with stunning writing outcomes…

Hall Displays Term 1 2019

This term we have introduced the PYP Learner Profile Attributes. Each class created a display to share their understanding. There are some really creative and original ideas…

Corridor Displays Term 5 2019

During Term 5 we celebrated Science Week. Each class carried out a huge number of investigations and experiments. They whizzes, pops and bangs all around the school and lots of ‘ooohhhhing’ and ‘aaahhhhhing’! Each class created a display to share their learning and as a record of some of the discussions.

Hall Displays Term 4 2019

Oaks Primary Academy is 90 years old this year! As a starting point each class has produced a display celebrating a particular decade! Here are some of the super displays celebrating each decade since the opening of Oaks Primary Academy! How far back can you remember?

Classroom Displays Term 3 2019

School Values Displays Term 1 2018

Corridor Displays Term 5 2018

Science Displays

Eco Week Displays

Roald Dahl Displays