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Reception – Robins Class

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Welcome to Robins Class 2019-2020.

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2019 – 2020

Robins had a fantastic first session in the forest at Mole Hill. We were all definitely RISK-TAKERS! We had a great time climbing trees and swinging on the rope swing! So much fun and so much laughter!

Robins had their first forest school session on Tuesday. They learnt the important rules of the forest and rules for the firepit. They had great fun building dens, setting up the hammock and hunting for insects. Robins were so excited when they found a newt, most of us had never seen one before!

Robins celebrated Shrove Tuesday this week by making their own pancakes. They had to work together to read the recipe and follow it carefully. They were very accurate with their measuring and produced some yummy pancakes!

Robins have shown great concern and empathy for the people and animals that have been affected by the forest fires in Australia. They have enjoyed learning about the country and the different types of animals that live there. Some of the children in Robins class made a safari truck and pretended they were in Australia, others have painted pictures of the animals in the forest.

This week one of the children in Robins class bought in a book about David Bowie for show and tell. This inspired the children to make their own musical instruments.Their favourite song is Starman, they had a great time performing this with their instruments. ??

This week Robins held a puppet making workshop for parental engagement. We had great fun making story character puppets. We have really enjoyed using them in the puppet theatre to make up our own stories.

Robins class have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. They have been making lanterns and dragons. They have made spring rolls and noodles – YUM! They had a go at Chinese writing too!

This term Robins have been learning about the solar system. They have been naming and ordering the planets, learning facts about them and they also watched videos of the first moon landing. The children have explored this further during their ‘Discover and Do’ time by making rockets, painting the solar system, writing facts and enjoying our space station role play area. Here is a snippet of what Robins class have been up to.

Robins have started their inquiry by looking at the different stages of human development. The children bought in pictures of themselves as babies, we then played a game where we had to match their names to the pictures. Can you see how we have changed?

On Monday the children learnt about Remembrance Day and why we have a two minute silence. We talked about how this made us feel. The conversations we had inspired the children to make their own poppies and poppy pictures.

Last week Robins learnt about the Hindu festival Diwali. The children learnt the story about Rama and Sita as well as making their own Diva lamps, Rangoli patterns and firework pictures.

Robins had a great first parental engagement session. Story time, hot chocolate and cake… Perfect!

This week Robins have been reading the story Owl Babies. We have been thinking about how the  characters were feeling at different points during the story. We created paintings to represent this and made yummy nest cakes too.

Since lunch on Monday Robins have been rather excited about banana cake. They’ve been pretending to make it in the role play area and with play dough too. Today, we decided to make real banana cakes. The children had great fun measuring ingredients, mixing, baking and tasting!

On Tuesday we had our first reading session with parents/carers. It was lovely to see the children so engaged with reading. We look forward to seeing you again next week.

Robins have been fantastic risk-takers this week. They have been making bridges from the large blocks outside. They have been very thorough checking the bridge is safe before crossing it.

Robins had great fun on ‘Talk like a pirate’ day. They made their own ship, hats and treasure maps. AHOY Captain!

This week Robins have been interested in finding out about the human skeleton. They have been fantastic inquirers by asking questions to deepen their learning.

Robins have had a fantastic first week settling into school life. They have been busy making new friends and exploring the inside and outside learning environment.