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Year 6 – Chaffinch Class

Year 6 – Chaffinch Class

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2019 – 2020

Things that made Year 6 go ‘Wow!’ The pupil in your eye is a hole that allows light through. One eye has over one hundred million light sensitive cells. An upside down image is created on your retina, but your brain turns it the right way up!

Some beautiful and powerful poetry from Y6 about the Australian bushfires from the animals’ perspectives.

Brilliant learning and discussion happened on #SaferInternetDay2020 @safeinternetday Pupils loved talking about online identity and why it may or may not reflect them. Avatars were made, #freetobe posters created & educational animations made through @scratch #BeInternetLegends

It was inspirational for our pupils to see the dedication that both of these athletes put into their preparation and completion of this incredible 24hr challenge! Dom spoke to Y6 on Monday after the event about the highs and lows of their challenge. Inspiring!

On December 4th 2019, Year 6 travelled to the Phoenix Theatre, London, having been invited by the producers of Come From Away, where they performed for the company of the award-winning musical.

Year 6 were fortunate to go to @fsfmartialarts on Friday to support Dom Plumb & Richard Harris at the beginning of their 24hr spike challenge: non-stop circuits for 24hrs! They were raising money for The Red Cross in Australia following the Bushfire Crisis.

A 4 minute read:  Come From Away Visit – Written by Year 6


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Year 6 had a brilliant and informative afternoon on Friday with two local Magistrates. They learnt about the judicial system for adults and youths as well as hearing some real-life stories from court and prison. We’re looking forward to our own mock trial in June!

Conscience Alley provided an opportunity for Year 6 to analyse a decisive moment in our book Holes in greater detail. The Warden is faced with a dilemma – search for Zero or erase him completely. What did our Warden choose?

Year 6 displaying some of the skills taught by Dom from Fitter Stronger Faster Gym.

Pupils working hard on increasing their core strength as part of their PE sessions.

Pupils have written their own inquiry questions about Newfoundland, Canada and are using a variety of resources, that they have selected, to find their answers.

Our class novel, Holes, has us completely hooked. Our vocubarly and sentence structure are improving as a result. We even received an email from the author Louis Sachar, telling us to enjoy the book!

In Maths, we have been sharing our strategies to answer missing number problems.
We’ve been making our own posters showing methods needed to support each other when solving problems.

Our Learner Profile Attribute Journals have been helping us to reflect on our actions inside and outside of school and to identify how we are developing ourselves as young people.

Year 6 have had had a successful return to school.
Already, they have written persuasive pieces about how they should have Agency in their classroom and decide what it looks like.
Relating to our class novel, Holes, Year 6 have written and illustrated their beautiful setting descriptions.

On September 11th, we played some music from the award winning musical, Come From Away. Through listening to the songs, Chaffinch class have learned about the terrible events of that day, but most importantly, they have learned about the kindness shown in a small town called Gander, Newfoundland and the impact the people had on the passengers that were diverted and remained there for 6 days until American airpsace reopened.
Pupils have researched about one of the captains of these planes, Beverley Bass, who also happens to be the first female Captain for American Airlines. They have used the Learner Profile attributes as a starting point for their writing and to show which ones all of these people showed in their different roles.
We caused a bit of a stir on Twitter when we recorded one of the songs from this musical and Tweeted it. It’s been viewed nearly 3,000 times in a few days! We are so proud of what we achieved, and we even had responses from the musical, some of the actors and even from the man who had the original idea to write the musical!

Watch Chaffinch sing ‘Me and the Sky’ here.

We have created our own Learner Profile Journals which we’ll be writing in often to demonstrate how we are showing the attributes in our life and to help us focus on ones that maybe are not so easy for each of us to display.

We have also had a PCSO visit us to talk about safety around knife crime.