Our Vision at Oaks:

Our science curriculum is underpinned by the key foundational knowledge and concepts, both substantive and disciplinary, as set out in the National Curriculum.  The curriculum is taught through the Primary Years Programme (PYP), providing the framework for a range of hands-on engaging opportunities based on child-led inquiry which will develop pupils’ science capital. This learning stimulates pupils’ curiosity to further inquire about the world around them, developing a life-long love of science. 

In the Primary Years Programme (PYP), science is viewed as the exploration of the biological, chemical and physical aspects of the natural world, and the relationships between them. Our understanding of science is constantly changing and evolving. The inclusion of science within the PYP leads learners to an appreciation and awareness of the world as it is viewed from a scientific perspective. It encourages curiosity and ingenuity and enables the student to develop an understanding of the world. Reflection on scientific knowledge also helps students to develop a sense of responsibility regarding the impact of their actions on themselves, others and their world.

At Oaks, our scientists have the following characteristics

  • We are THINKERS: We extend and expand our knowledge.
  • We are RISK-TAKERS: It is inspiring, fun and engaging.
  • We are COMMUNICATORS: We work collaboratively.
  • We are KNOWLEDGEABLE: We use scientific vocabulary.
  • We are INQUISITIVE: We find answers to questions through testing our own experiments.
  • We are OPEN-MINDED: It is meaningful and real.

At Oaks, we are committed to ensuring our pupils receive the highest quality of science education.  We are therefore currently enrolled in the Primary Science Quality Mark programme. Being part of PSQM ensures our leaders and teachers get access to excellent resources and professional development which supports the implementation of our aspirational vision for science.

As well as embarking on the PSQM journey, pupils are also taking part in CREST Awards. Pupils will complete 8 Science based activities throughout British Science Week and beyond to increase their curiosity and passion for science.