Science Week – 13th – 17th March 2017

Science Week – 13th – 17th March 2017

This past week at Oaks Academy has been Science Week. The Newsbloggers have been out and about to find out what each class is learning about.

Ducklings and Robins have been learning about their five senses. They have been tasting different fruits, listening to corn popping and looking for colours in nature.

Sparrows have been learning all about the body.

Blackbirds have done some exciting investigations and have made fireworks in a glass and a rainbow in a bottle.

Woodpeckers are learning about our eyes. They have watched a video clip about how our eyes work and they are planning to make a model of moving eyes!

In Blue Jays it’s all about how the lungs breathe in air. They have made a model using a plastic bottle and a balloon!

Kingfishers have been finding out about the heart and have made information posters.

Chaffinches are finding out about our teeth and they have been keeping food diaries.


All the classes are creating displays for the corridor boards, which you can see in the gallery.