Friends of Oaks

Friends of Oaks


Oaks Primary Academy’s Parent Teacher Friend Association (PTFA) supports the education of pupils at Oaks Primary Academy. The PTFA is open to all parents, teachers and friends.

Oaks Primary Academy’s PTFA is a registered charity. All money raised is used to support and provide additional resources for the children.

If you would like to offer support to the PTFA, please come along to a meeting or contact us via email at contactus@oaksprimaryacademy.org.uk.

Who’s who at the Friends of Oaks

Who’s Who at FoO

Exciting plans for September 2018

At the beginning of September 2018 a new FOO team came together and began making some exciting plans for the future. Please click on the link below to be introduced to the new team.
We really are very excited about parents working together with staff, pupils, governors and the community to enhance the education and experiences of pupils at Oaks Primary Academy and to that end have already started work on planning some of our best-loved Christmas events.
In addition to our ‘old favourites’ we have also started looking at new ways of raising money for Oaks and would love to hear ideas from as many of you as possible. If you can’t make our meetings, you can still share your ideas by contacting one of the team.

Updates and Newsletters: 

Upcoming Dates for Friends of Oaks:

90th birthday of Oaks – 15th April 2019
Mother’s Day Workshop (children only) – 29th March 2019
Father’s Day  Workshop (children only) – 14th June 2019

Previous Events:

Additional meetings/Christmas Fayre Preparation TBC
FOO design our new logo competition October 2018
Silly Hair Day Wednesday 17th October
Christmas Raffle (tickets on sale November)
Christmas Fayre Friday 7th December Time TBC
Christmas Children’s Raffle Tickets on sale Week Beginning 10th December
Christmas Disco Monday 17th December TBC

Minutes of meetings

FOO Minutes January 2019

FoO Minutes 09.11.18

FoO Minutes 04.10.18

FoO Minutes 13.09.18

Fundraising and Plans for September 2017

Over the course of the past year, the Friends of Oaks have had huge success fundraising via various different events across the school. If you would like to view an overview of these events, as well as the Friends of Oaks plans for the upcoming term, then please click on the link below.

Friends of Oaks 2016-17 Overview

2016 – 2017

Christmas Raffle

On Monday 12th December, the Friends of Oaks held a Christmas raffle and fayre at the school which both parents and pupils were able to take part in.

The event was a great success and all the children had lots of fun. Also we had a huge number of winners for the raffles.

Funny Hair Day at Oaks

The friends of Oaks held a Funny Hair day to raise money towards putting on the Christmas Fayre.

There were some fantastic styles and we raised £110 plus donations to the tombola.

Thank you to all who took part especially those parents that were so creative.

Friends of Oaks Minutes

Listed below are the minutes taken during the meetings between the Friends of Oaks. If you would like to view the documents then please click on the links below: