Letter to Parents re Entry and Exit Times/Gates (starting 8th March 2021)

Dear Parents and Carers,

I sincerely hope that this letter finds you well.

I would like to share our admiration for everything you have achieved whilst caring for your families in such unusual and, often, very difficult times.

Return to full-time education:

As you will be aware, all primary pupils will be returning to school on Monday 8th March 2021Attendance is compulsory for all pupils.

All pupils must attend in full academy uniform (details on the website – see link below).  The exception to this is on PE days when they will wear their full PE kit (details on the website – see link below). PE days are listed at the end of this letter.


You will be notified if your child’s class will be taking part in Forest School.

All pupils must bring a named water bottle.

All pupils can access a meal via the academy canteen at a cost of £2.40 unless they are entitled to a free school meal.  If you are paying for a school meal, please ensure you put the correct money into a sealed envelope (stating your children’s name, class and which days they will be having a hot meal) which your child could then pass onto their class teacher.  Please note we will be starting on week 3 when we return to school on Monday, 8th March.  The menus can be found on our website:


Alternatively, pupils can bring a balanced packed lunch see ideas via this link.  As always, we will talk to pupils about their lunch where their choices are not balanced to explain what they can do and why it is so important to their health and well-being. So many of you have expressed how helpful this is in supporting your children to eat healthily.


Breakfast club will be resuming on Monday 8th March, please ensure you book and pay for a place via My Child At School to secure your child’s place.  If your child will be attending breakfast club this will start at 7.45 am.  Please ensure you drop your child off promptly as we will be unable to accommodate any children who arrive late. The cost is £1.00 per child per day payable in advance.  Payment will be taken when you reserve your place via My Child at School.

We will continue with bubbles and the entry and exit arrangements as they were in term 2.


From Monday, 8th March the following will be applied to bubbles.

  • Bubble 1: Nursery and Reception
  • Bubble 2: Years 1 and 2
  • Bubble 3: Years 3 and 4
  • Bubble 4: Years 5 and 6

Adults will move safely between bubbles but pupils will not move out of their class group.

Entry and Exit Arrangements

From Monday, 8th March the following entry and exit arrangements will continue:

  • FAMILIES will enter and exit together from the back vehicle gate
  • You will be sent a text message with your family number and colour together with your entry and exit times.

Please LINE UP in NUMERICAL ORDER ON THE PATH with number 1 starting by the rear vehicle gate and following numbers lining up BEHIND heading towards Mangravet Avenue (where the shops are).

Staff will be monitoring the gates so everyone is called in when families are queuing on the correct path at the correct time.

All siblings should come in together regardless of their year group.

Please DO NOT arrive OR start queuing before your designated time – this helps us to help keep you safe.

  • EVERYONE ELSE will come in with their class from the front main gate

Please line up along the school perimeter fence with the first child near the main gate and everyone else lining up behind heading back towards Sutton Road.  Staff will be monitoring the gates so everyone is called in when ready.

  • You will be sent a text with your entry and exit times and which gate you should use.

Please DO NOT arrive OR start queuing before your designated time and park safely. Please ensure you and your children social distance as per government guidelines.  

We ask all parents to wear a face mask that covers the mouth and nose.

Please continue to regularly check your emails for any further information that we may need to make you aware of.

Thank you all for your continuing support and we are really looking forward to seeing you all again.

If you have any questions please use contact us via contactus@oaksprimaryacademy.org.uk or by telephone on 01622 75596

PE Days for Term 4

  • Reception: Wednesday and Friday
  • Year 1: Monday and Thursday
  • Year 2: Monday and Thursday
  • Year 3: Tuesday and Friday
  • Year 4: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Year 5: Tuesday and Friday
  • Year 6: Monday and Wednesday