At Oaks Primary Academy, we believe all children have the right to access a full and meaningful school life. We are proud to have an inclusive learning environment that allows all pupils to experience the curriculum in a creative and engaging way and achieve their full potential.

Our strengths:

  • Oaks Primary Academy is proud of its inclusive learning environment and the opportunities that it provides for all of its pupils through quality first teaching.
  • The needs of the children are at the centre of all the decisions made by the leadership team.
  • We use a graduated approach in identifying the needs of children by following the recommendations of SEN support as outlined on KELSI.
  • By following this graduated model, we are able to identify specific barriers to learning and ensure provisions and resources are always relevant to the need identified.
  • We will always work in collaboration with parents/carers and pupils when deciding provisions for their child. We realise it is essential to recognise the pupils as individuals with unique needs when making decisions regarding their education.
  • The continuous professional development (CPD) of Staff at Oaks Primary Academy is vital in order to meet the wide range of additional needs in the most effective way possible. The CPD across the school is specifically organised through vigorous auditing of staff’s current skills and the pupil’s needs.
  • The SENCO works closely with all professionals involved in a child’s provision to ensure multi-agency working around the child.
  • We recognise that pupil’s social, emotional and mental health needs and welfare are vital when ensuring all pupils are engaged in the curriculum.
  • Pupil’s achievements in their learning are recognised through specific praise and regular feedback through conferencing, as well as more formally, through a weekly celebration assembly of our Learner Profile Attributes.
  • Pupil’s social, emotional and mental health needs and welfare are vital when ensuring all pupils are engaged in the curriculum.
  • Opportunities to build pupil’s resilience are an integral part of the day-to-day teaching at Oaks Primary Academy.
  • Oaks Primary Academy has a Learning Mentor who provides support for children who have had a specific need identified. This includes play and Lego therapy, bereavement support, ELSA and 1:1 sessions.
  • We reward pupil’s achievements in their learning through a weekly celebration assembly.

If you would like any further information please refer to the following documents:

For information on the SEND Local Offer from Kent County Council and links to SEND Services please click here.

For information on the SEND Strategy from Kent County Council please click here.

Click here to access a new website that has been developed to provide advice and support to parents of children with SEND.

The IASK (Information Advice and Support Kent) website contains many useful parent advice leaflets for different areas of SEND.