Day of the Dead Celebration

Year 6 has been learning about the famous annual celebration of the Day of the Dead. This is also known as Dia De Los Muertos since it is celebrated in Mexico. This occasion is to honour and respect the dead by offering food and drinks. This goes back all the way to the Aztecs. They were the first ones to contribute to the Day of the Dead. Cities and the cemeteries are decorated to welcome dead loved ones. This is different to our Halloween, which celebrates and brings on the fear of death. 

We have also been creating skulls (for Day of the Dead). You could almost call it SKULLpting! We have made them out of clay, and then painted them in a layer of white paint. We are now painting them with coloured designs and sticking beads on them. By next week, they will be varnished, dried and ready to put on display! Our inquiry into The Arts has allowed us to explore different art linked to celebrations around the world.