Blue Jays Term 4 News


We have been working hard learning about fractions in maths. We have sometimes found this quite challenging but have used our Learner Profile Attributes to help us succeed.



Poppy says: This term in maths we have been learning about fractions and some of the questions were hard so I used my thinking skills to figure out the question.

When I am stuck on a question I use one of the learner profile attributes which is the thinkers because I use my brain to figure out the question I am stuck on. 

Some fractions may be hard but just be a risk taker and have a try of it.


Leo says: The thing I have enjoyed most while doing home learning is in maths, when we learnt about fractions. It was quite hard because we were doing calculations like 35/70, which goes to 7/14 and then 1/2. I learnt fractions quickly and then started to find it easy so that made it fun.


Lexi-Mai says: At school we have been learning about fractions in maths. We had been learning about fractions  before and I did not understand  them at all. I have been a thinker and a risk- taker because I took a risk to try harder and never give up. I’m also a thinker because I have remembered what Miss Dunn and Mrs Bennoson have been saying.  


Louis says: I really like doing my maths. I like to do the fractions because I get to figure out which one is the denominator.


Tuesday Challenge!

Every Tuesday we have a challenge to try. One of the challenges was to make a robot out of recycled materials. Poppy, Edward, Aarav and Teddie all did a great job!




In our inquiry we have been thinking about how artists have changed people’s lives. We found out about Andy Warhol and Banksy. We then created our own pop art in the style of Andy Warhol. This is what Nardin thought: Last term I used my inquiring skills and knowledge skills to answer my inquiry about Banksy the graffiti artist who did graffiti in his bathroom with rats making a total mess. I believe it is vandalism if it is done in public places but not if it is done in private places like YOUR house. 



Take a look at our Jamboard to find out what we thought about Andy Warhol’s art.



Aarav and Lanah have been thinking about all their learning and reflecting on what helps them learn:


Hi my name is Aarav,  this is my learner profile attribute.


I’m open minded and I’m also a thinker.

I think I’m pretty caring.

I’m also pretty knowledgeable, my dad says I am very good at fractions.

 I’m pretty good with my research skills.

It’s a bit too hard to do division. 

Though division is also my favourite math category because 

it’s challenging and I love challenges.


Lanah says: Last term we did dividing and multiplying. I found it hard. I had to use thinking skills to work out the answer. I also had to use communication skills with my mum so she could explain how to do it and I had to use self-management skills because I had to organise my answers.


Well done Blue Jays on all your hard work learning!