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Oaks Coffee Morning

Karen Williams-Brown: Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners (EWPs) aim to improve access to mental health support for [...]

Admission to Secondary School

Information regarding the application process for transferring to secondary school in Kent can be found [...]

Blue Jays – Year 4

In Year 4, we have been learning about how and why people migrate both in [...]

Kingfisher Class – Year 5 by Nardin

It is great to be back in school. It is weird that we’re not in [...]

Woodpeckers – Year 3 by Felami

We have been learning about our skeleton and what we need for it to be [...]

Chaffinch – Year 6 by Johnathan

In Year 6, we have been learning about The Arts: Drama, Dance, Music, Art and [...]

Blackbirds – Year 2 by Yuliana

Our inquiry is about people organising themselves, services and people’s needs and wants. We’ve been [...]

Sparrows – Year 1 by Poppy

In year 1, we have been learning about healthy balanced lifestyles and being balanced. BEing [...]

Robins – Reception

In Robins, we have been learning about being communicators in our new classroom. We have [...]

School Photographs

On Wednesday 22 September, we have Stanley Baker Photographers coming into school to take both [...]