Staff List

Leadership Team

  • Principal: Mrs J Tipple
  • Assistant Principals: Mr T Moore and Mrs A Mehigan
  • Maths Lead: Mr T Moore
  • English lead: Miss E Nelson
  • EYFS Lead: Mrs E Hunt
  • Computing & E-Safety Lead: Mrs A Mehigan
  • Inclusion Lead and Wellbeing Lead: Mrs Lucie Featherstone

Class Teachers

Please find details of the staff at Oaks Primary Academy below.

  • Nursery (Ducklings)
    Teacher: Mrs K Osborne
    LSA: Mrs E Morris, Mrs K Richardson and Ms A Burbage
  • Reception (Robins)
    Teacher: Mrs E Hunt
    LSA: Miss L Walters, Miss A McLaren, Mrs E Brown and Mrs E Morris
    Ms C Coutinho (Maternity Cover)
  • Year 1 (Sparrows)
    Teacher: Miss L Clark
    LSA: Mrs D Smith
  • Year 2 (Blackbirds)
    Teacher: Miss E Nelson and Miss J State
    LSA: Mrs Cooper
  • Year 3 (Woodpeckers)
    Teacher: Miss C Gale-Hasleham
    LSA: Ms K Lawrence
  • Year 4 (Blue Jays)
    Teacher: Mrs S Bennoson and Miss S Dunn
    LSA: Miss T Cantrell
  • Year 5 (Kingfishers)
    Teacher: Mr T Moore
    LSA: Ms N Mitchell
  • Year 6 (Chaffinch)
    Teacher: Mrs A Mehigan
    LSA: Mrs G Moore

Additional Team Members

  • Learning Mentor/Cover TA: Mrs K Richardson
  • Sports Coach: Mrs J Palmer
  • Office Manager: Mrs N Goldfinch-Palmer
  • Receptionist/Administrator: Mrs L Vadher
  • Community Liaison Officer: Mrs J Osborne
  • Premises Operative: Mr D Reynolds
  • Cleaning Staff: (Purgo)
  • Kitchen Staff: (Olive Dining)

Safeguarding Team

Please be aware that the members of the Safeguarding team for Oaks Primary Academy are as follows:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Jane Tipple – Principal
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mr T Moore, Mrs A Mehigan, Miss S Dunn and Mrs L Featherstone (Inclusion and Well-being Lead)
  • Person Responsible for Children with Medical Conditions: Mrs Lucie Featherstone (Inclusion and Well-being Lead)
  • Child Looked After Coordinator: Mrs Lucie Featherstone (Inclusion and Well-being Lead)
  • Online Safety Coordinator: Mrs Aoife Mehigan
  • Additional Members of the Safeguarding Team: Mr Neil Willis (Deputy CEO of LAT & Safeguarding Lead for LAT)