School Displays

Welcome to the photo gallery for the school corridor displays.

Here photos of all the different displays that are used in the school will be shown on this page.

Corridor Displays Term 5 2019

During Term 5 we celebrated Science Week. Each class carried out a huge number of investigations and experiments. They whizzes, pops and bangs all around the school and lots of ‘ooohhhhing’ and ‘aaahhhhhing’! Each class created a display to share their learning and as a record of some of the discussions.

Hall Displays Term 4 2019

Oaks Primary Academy is 90 years old this year! As a starting point each class has produced a display celebrating a particular decade! Here are some of the super displays celebrating each decade since the opening of Oaks Primary Academy! How far back can you remember?

Classroom Displays Term 3 2019

School Values Displays Term 1 2018

Corridor Displays Term 5 2018

Science Displays

Eco Week Displays

Roald Dahl Displays