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Year 3 – Woodpeckers Class

Year 3 – Woodpeckers Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class 2019-2020.

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2019 – 2020

This term, Year 3 have been working super hard on making their own Minotaur masks. They have taken inspiration from reading the legend Theseus and the Minotaur and created an amazing display!
Woodpecker Class have been working on their sketching skills this week. They chose two different emotions and worked hard to draw the different expressions.

Woodpecker Class have been really fortunate to have Adrian from Chance To Shine working with them during their PE lessons this term. The last session today was classroom based but it was just as much fun as the time they’ve spent outdoors has been. Thank you, Adrian!

Woodpecker Class have designed and started making their own inventions!

Woodpecker Class have been using freeze frames to help them with their writing.

This week, Woodpecker Class have been preparing for their Harvest Festival. They are focusing on clean water and are creating a collage as part of their presentation.

Woodpecker Class have been using maps this week to identify European countries.

Woodpecker Class have been cooking up a storm today. They worked super hard on creating their own vegetable stew!

Woodpecker Class have been getting their fingers dirty as they learn about the Stone Age. They created some fantastic cave paintings!

Year 3 made Stone Age stew this week. The tasting of it produced some rather interesting reactions!