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Year 3 – Woodpeckers Class

Year 3 – Woodpeckers Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class.

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June 2017 Term 6 Update

This term, we have been taking care of our beautiful pansies that have blossomed full of colour. We planted them as tiny plug plants last term and they have been growing slowly.

In PE with Miss O’Donoghue, we have been learning Gaelic Football skills. In this sport, you use a football. You can run with the ball but every 4 steps you have to swap between one bounce of the ball or one kick to yourself with the ball. You can pass to a player by kicking it out of your hands or doing a fist pass. The goal posts look like rugby posts. If you score a goal, you get 3 points. If you kick it over the bar, you get 1 point. We had so much fun learning new skills and a new sport.

Last week, we did the Money Sense workshop. People came in from different banks and did activities with us. We learned about how much it can cost to keep an animal. We talked about the differences between Wants and Needs.

On Friday, we got to use the VR headsets. We got to go on amazing journeys to the International Space Station, The Moon, Mount Everest, underwater around the Galapagos Islands and  even in a weather balloon up into the stratosphere; the view of Earth was made us speechless.

Apple World Workshop 19th & 22nd May

Woodpeckers really enjoyed the Apple Workshop. We found out about different varieties of apple and how they grow. The best part was tasting the apples and making apple juice, which was delicious.

Woodpecker Class – Moses books

In R.E. lessons, Woodpecker class have been working together to write books about Moses. This week we met up with Blackbird class and read our books to them. It was such a lovely sunny day we all went outside.


This week for P.E., Woodpeckers class have been practicing throwing Javelins. They have all been doing fantastically well and have managed to throw the javelin really long distances.

Well Done!

Woodpeckers May Update

During May, Woodpecker Class has been up to lots of really interesting activities and learning lot of new topics.

We have been doing:

Literacy, Drama and Art

For literacy and drama, we have been reading The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. In drama, we acted out the different scenes in small groups as we read the story. The Selfish Giant actually came in to the school but everyone knew who he really was – it was Miss O’Donoghue! We got to ask the Selfish Giant loads of questions. He helped us to describe his garden in detail using personification like ‘The leaves danced and twirled as they fell to the ground.’ In art, we used watercolours to create picturesque images of the giant’s garden.


In Maths lessons, we tried to find out how many different coloured cars passed Oaks in 2 minutes. It was hard for us to keep track as the cars kept vrooming past! We collected our data and made frequency tables and then bar charts to show our information properly and clearly. It was nice to do Maths outside because we’re out in the nature too.

We have started using a lot of technology in Maths too. We have signed up to Sumdog to improve our mental maths and we were using Osmo on the iPads, improving our shape and number work.


We did a PE lesson with Miss O’Donoghue and we worked on lots of different types of jumps. We started  jumping over the tape when it was low but soon, nearly everyone was jumping over the tape at the highest point it could go!

Planting and Royal Horticultural Society Awards.

Every day we water our charming plants. So far we have planted cress, basil, tomatoes and strawberries. We have also planted a giant sunflower and a mysterious seed! We are going to plant little lavender plug plants this week. They smell beautiful.

Where is our food from?

We have been collecting wrappers from all different countries in the world. At home, we get the wrappers from fruit and vegetables. Our map is full of amazing packets and countries that we are still learning about today. We have found out that our food has travelled such a long way just to get to our tummies!

Adjective Hunting and Helping to Improve our Spellings

Woodpeckers have been busy hunting for adjectives outside to improve our descriptive writing. Also, to help with our spellings, we have been playing a contractions matching game and searching for different words that make the long vowel a, ay, a_e, ai sound.

‘Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph!’

During the Christmas Fayre the children from Woodpeckers helped to run their class stall. They also had lots of fun having a go themselves trying to pin the nose onto Rudolph.

Visit to St Martin’s Church

On Tuesday November 8th we visited St Martin’s church to learn about Christian baptism.

We took baby Rosie Victoria with us and Esther showed us how a baby is baptised.

Tudor Banquet

During term 1, year 3 had been learning about the Tudors and towards the end of term the pupils held a Tudor banquet which parents were invited to.

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