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Reception – Robins Class

Reception – Robins Class

Welcome to Robins Class 2018-2019.

Class Newsletters 2018-2019

Class Brain Builders 2018-2019


Robins had a Diwali themed Inspirational Intro this term! We are learning about this very special festival of light. We made diva lamps, lanterns and Rangoli patterns. We wrote cards to our family and we decorated our own Mendhi hands. We enjoyed acting out the story in our Role Play area too.

Robin Class had a very special visitor come to school today. Mrs Dunn is a radiographer and she came to tell us all about her job. We know she takes pictures of people’s insides and makes sure they are ok. She had x-rays to show us and she even let us use her stethoscope to listen to our heartbeat! We all had fun learning how to take our blood pressure too.

Some of the children in Robins Class wanted to make cakes. They wrote shopping lists of the ingredients needed. On Monday we visited the local shop and bought the ingredients. We then made our own cupcakes. Yum!

Robins have changed the classroom into a Doctors surgery. They have been taking great care of their patients. They have been taking blood tests, listening to heart beats, conducting scans and prescribing medicine.

So far this week in our phonics lessons we have learnt the sounds, ‘s’ and ‘a’. Theo had a great conference with his friends today where he helped them write the letters in the sand.

In PE, the children have started BEAM with Mrs Palmer. They are learning how to control their bodies and develop core strength and balance.

During Discover and Do time we have been hunting for insects. Some of the children then decided to make insect homes at the woodwork bench.

Robins have been getting to know our school dog, Dolly, in their first week back.

Class Newsletters 2017-2018

Class Brain Builders


Learning New Ways to Pass the Ball

This term in P.E, Year R have been learning lots of new ways to pass the ball to one another. They have all been doing such a great job, well done!

Robins Gymnastics Lessons

Robins were being extremely brave this term in P.E., as this term they have been using the higher apparatus for their Gymnastics. They have all done really well. Go Robins!

Robins taking part in World Book Day

Dolly had a great day in Robin class for World Book Day. Look at those amazing outfits!

Robins doing Curling in P.E

This term in P.E., Robins class have been having lots of fun learning how to do curling as part of their topic of the Winter Olympics. They have all performed really well, and even the staff in the kitchen got to have a go with the class. Well done to everyone!

Reception’s Visit to the Chatham Ski Centre

In Reception Class, the children have been doing lots of activities to do with the Winter Olympic and they decided on Monday 19th February 2018 to take a trip to the Chatham Ski Center. The trip was very fun and very exciting, and all of the children got to experience lots of different activities to do with the Winter Olympics. These included tobogganing, snow tubing and even skiing.

If you would like to view any photos of the day, then please click on the link below.

Reading with Year 5

Year 5 joined us for a reading session on Friday 2nd February. We all enjoyed listening to the Year 5 children read us our favourite stories and then we read to them too!

Reception Costa Themed Stay & Play Session

On Friday 2nd February the children took inspiration from all of our Costa role play learning and we turned Oaks Primary Academy into our very own Costa. We wrote our own menus to our parents, made cookies and lemon drizzle cake and then served them. Our parents also served us! We had such fun! We enjoyed showing our parents our amazing Learning Journeys and also shared our favourite stories with them too!

Costa Visit

On Friday 19th January 2018, Robins had a very special visit to Costa! In class the children made their own Costa role play area and wrote letters to the manager, Ted, asking if we could come to the shop to buy our hot chocolate. We had to give him the correct money and ask and answer questions correctly. We all enjoyed our babychinos… I wonder where our learning will take us next?

Reception Stay & Play Session

On Friday 8th December 2017, we invited parents/guardians into the school to spend the morning with Reception Class. We had lots of fun and did a huge amount of interesting activities. We even had a visit from Mrs Palmer and Dolly, who spent time going and visiting all the children and some of the parents. We can’t wait for our next Stay & Play session!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Wow! What a busy term it is for Reception! We have been making our own Goldilocks rap! We have been using construction materials to make the Three Bears house, bed and chairs. We all love to get messy. Reception have been developing their phonics skills. All of the children are applying their skills and having fun learning to read and write words. The children (and adults) love having Dolly learning alongside them in class. Dolly has been helping the children to write their own versions of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ She loves singing along to the rap too!

Gerald the Giraffe

On Thursday 21st September, Robins and Sparrows had a special visitor. Gerald the Giraffe came to see the children and read his two favourite books. We listened to Room on the Broom and the Gruffalo. After that, we chose the part of the story we liked best and created a freeze frame of the scene. We even told our own stories to our friends.

We really enjoyed having Gerald in our school. We hope he can visit again soon.