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Nursery – Ducklings Class

Nursery – Ducklings Class

Welcome to Ducklings Class.

Ducklings Nursery opens at 8:45pm and the children go home at 11:45am (3 hours provision) daily.

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Class Newsletters 2019-2020

2019 – 2020

The children were very excited today during discover and do time, they found that the tuff spot that was filled with water on Friday had turned to ice. The children discussed how they thought the ice was formed and what would make it melt.
We have been learning about Remembrance Day , some of the children in Duckling class made their own poppies using a variety of different materials.
We have been exploring different ways to create structures with the wooden blocks.
We have some Duckling artists in the making. We have been learning about ourselves and what makes us unique. we painted a self portrait.

We went on a listening walk in phonics. Ducklings, ducklings what do you hear?

We hear cars, birds and aeroplanes that’s what we hear.

One of our newest Ducklings showing how clever she is skipping with a hoop. She is 3!

This week in Duckling class we have been caring about the outside environment, we went on a litter hunt.

We have had a very busy first week back at nursery this week. We have been exploring inside and outside and making new friends.