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Year 6 – Chaffinch Class

Year 6 – Chaffinch Class

Welcome to Chaffinch Class.

Election Week in Year 6

Throughout this week, Year 6 have been learning about the General Election 2017. We decided that we would hold our own election.

Firstly, researching about the party leaders has widened our knowledge on the subject. Once we’d finished our research, we formed our own political parties (Labour, Conservative, UKIP, Liberal Democrats, The Green Party and the SNP).

After deciding who would be our leaders, based on their knowledge from earlier research, we held interviews for other pupils to join in the campaign.

Later that day, we role-played the Leaders’ Debate. Each leader: Erik (Lab), Ayo (Cons), and Nathen (Lib Dem), took to the stage to deliver their party’s thoughts, ideas and opinions on important issues in the community. They highlighted issues about housing, education and the NHS. We definitely have some budding politicians among us!

Finally, we held an election. Each pupil had a ballot paper and indicated which party they felt would be best suited to represent them in parliament. The Labour Party won our class election, with the Conservatives the largest opposition.

Victorian Day

On Tuesday 1st November Chaffinch class started off Term 2 with a Victorian schoolday. Lots of pupils and adults dressed up to get into character and we experienced what it would have been like to be a Victorian schoolchild- terrifying! Lessons included handwriting, times tables, arithmetic, history and drill (similar to PE). Although it was hard work being a Victorian child, it was actually quite exciting as it felt as if we were actors for a day. We learned a lot about the expectations of the time and concluded that we were really rather glad that we live in the 21st century.

Survival Skills

At the end of term 1 we had a chance for some of our family members to join us in school for an afternoon of Survival Skills workshops. Firstly, we held a tent relay race which was incredible close and tense; it turns out that pitching a tent is not so straightforward under pressure! Following this, we held a clothing challenge and then headed back to our classroom for some quizzes on animal sounds and identification. Lastly, we tried tying different varieties of knot and also tried to come up with a way to filter some very muddy water so that it would be safe to drink.

 Guinness World Record Attempt

On Friday 7th October years 5 and 6 teamed up with Molehill to take part in a very exciting maths-themed challenge. All over the world, thousands of pupils participated in the same maths lesson at 11am, local time. The aim was to make the lesson the largest mass-participation maths lesson in the world! During the lesson, we investigated the 100m Olympic sprint record and how it changed over time, as well as giving the 100m sprint a try ourselves. In addition, we tested our estimation skills by seeing if we could figure out exactly how far 100m was without any measuring equipment. We also took on Usain Bolt’s world record time of 9.58 seconds to see how we compared.


At the beginning of term 1, we were very fortunate to have a visit from Saxons orienteering club to help up learn about map reading, compass use, controls and competition. It was great preparation for our orienteering trip to Mote Park.

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