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Year 6 – Chaffinch Class

Year 6 – Chaffinch Class

Welcome to Chaffinch Class.

Class Newsletters 2018-2019

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Class Brain Builders 2018-2019

As Y6 move closer to SATS this link might prove to reinforce key maths learning:

kS2 ultimate 3-in-1 organiser Maths SATS

2018 – 2019

Year 6 carrying their PE lesson of handball into their lunch break. 🤗

Year 6 enjoying being active in the sunshine during their lunch break.

Y6 joined Kent Phoenix AFC for a training session and match giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills learnt over the past 2 months on an official junior pitch.

Year 6 enjoyed making a Skype call to Mr Wilmoth from Acacia School in Uganda and were able to get some fascinating insights to life and education in a different country.

Chaffinch class focusing on inference questions, making references to the text and peer conferencing while undertaking their reading comprehension task linked to their learning about World War 1.

Chaffinch class are honing their basketball skills with excellent coaching from Mr Moore and Mrs Palmer.

Have you heard us play the ukulele and sing?
We’re very good! Check out our music here: Frère Jacques

Class Newsletters 2017-2018

Class Spellings

Class Brain Builders

Year 6 and their Ideas on Friendship

Year 6 shared their ideas about friendship using presentations, drama and freeze frames.

Year 6 Combining Science and P.E. Lessons

This term, year 6 have been combining their Science and their P.E. lessons together in order to investigate the effect that exercise has on your heart rate.

Year 6 Gymnastics

This term, Year 6 have been working very hard in P.E. on their gymnastics. They have all done really well, and even Mrs Mitchell joined in and she was just as good as the children. Well done Year 6 for some amazing activities in P.E.

2016 – 2017

Election Week in Year 6

Throughout this week, Year 6 have been learning about the General Election 2017. We decided that we would hold our own election.

Firstly, researching about the party leaders has widened our knowledge on the subject. Once we had finished our research, we formed our own political parties (Labour, Conservative, UKIP, Liberal Democrats, The Green Party and the SNP).

After deciding who would be our leaders, based on their knowledge from earlier research, we held interviews for other pupils to join in the campaign.

Later that day, we role-played the Leaders’ Debate. Each leader: Erik (Lab), Ayo (Cons), and Nathen (Lib Dem), took to the stage to deliver their party’s thoughts, ideas and opinions on important issues in the community. They highlighted issues about housing, education and the NHS. We definitely have some budding politicians among us!

Finally, we held an election. Each pupil had a ballot paper and indicated which party they felt would be best suited to represent them in parliament. The Labour Party won our class election, with the Conservatives the largest opposition.

KS2 Test

Please click on the link below to view information regarding KS2 Tests. We think you may find it very useful and informative.