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Year 4 – Blue Jay Class

Year 4 – Blue Jay Class

Welcome to Blue Jays Class.

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Blue Jays have been exploring electricity and circuits. What is needed to make the bulb light up?

Blue Jays enjoyed a day of cooking on Monday in order to share some delicious fajitas with their parents.

Today’s wet weather didn’t stop us at forest school this afternoon, a tasty hot chocolate with marshmallows, a shelter to keep us all dry and a rope swing to finish off the session.

Another fantastic week at Forest School with some of Blue Jays, they made dens, learnt how to tie a timber hitch knot and we even found a frog.

Fantastic examples of conferencing with adults and peers this morning in Blue Jay class with a focus on spelling, punctuation, word choice and content.

Thanks to Sainsbury’s for your support of our Community Cafe! Blue Jay class were very pleased and excited to receive your letter and donation. Lettuce celebrate!

Blue Jay class have been learning about shading and drawing portraits. We finished the lesson by learning the Greek myth of Medusa and then drawing her portrait.

Blue Jay class have been learning about the science behind the Northern Lights and how they are created from charged particles of solar wind. We finished the lesson off with some art.

We are very fortunate in having Charlton Athletic Community Trust delivering ‘The Joy of Movement’ programme promoting the importance of healthy eating and exercise to Yr 4 & 5 for 6 weeks.

Blue Jay class investigated the digestive system. We learnt some new scientific vocabulary and created our own experiment using tights as the intestines. Super gross but extremely fun!

Blue Jay class have been excellent ambassadors for Oaks Primary Academy out and about in the local community sharing information about @themasonmile being held in @Mote_Park on Sunday 30th September at 12pm.

25th September 2018
Today, Blue Jay class had more cricket time with Adrian. It looked like so much fun that even Miss Gale-Hasleham had to join in!

Blue Jay class working collaboratively, one of our school values, to design, plan and make posters for the Mason Mile.

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Class Spellings

Class Brain Builders

Battle Abbey Trip – 22nd March 2018

On Thursday 22nd March, some of Blue Jays won a writing competition to persuade Mrs Fidock to take them on a trip to Battle Abbey. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much about The Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror.

Learning about the Digestive System

Blue Jays have had a disgustingly good time investigating the digestive system! We had a go at labeling the different organs and identifying where they go and then we mimicked the process of digestion using Weetabix, a zippy bag (stomach), orange juice (stomach acid), water (saliva), tights (small intestines) and cups (large intestines). Make sure you ask one of us all about it.

Warburtons Visit to Year 4 – 6th -8th February

This week, Blue Jays enjoyed a visit from Warburtons to learn all about healthy eating and how to make a healthy sandwich. They had lots of fun. Remember, ‘Love food, hate waste’.

Also, Blue Jays had the opportunity to teach their parents and carers how to make a healthy sandwich. They made sure that their adult followed all health and safety rules, including ‘Baker’s hands’. A big thank you to Warburtons for helping us.

Chocolate Shop

On Friday 26th January, Blue Jays had an incredibly successful morning selling their very own chocolate bars. Blue Jays would like to wish everyone who managed to help buy their chocolates a huge thank you for helping them raise money for Cancer Research. The total which they managed to raise was an incredible total of £115.39! Amazing work for an amazing cause!

Chocolate Challenges

Blue Jays have had a cracking time this week. We had our Inspiration Introduction to our new topic, ‘Chocolate’, where we had to undergo various Chocolate Challenges. These challenges included: Guess the chocolate bar from feeling it, Guess the chocolate bar without its wrapper and Guess the chocolate bar by tasting it! It was great fun and we are all looking forward to learning all about chocolate.

Dancing in P.E. with Just Dance

In P.E., year 4 have been taking part in dancing lessons by using the game “Just Dance”. They have all been working very hard to keep up with all the dance moves and overall doing a really fantastic job. Well Done!

Maidstone Museum Trip

In class both years 3 & 4 had been focusing on Ancient Egypt as part of their history topics this term, and so on Tuesday 14th November 2017, Woodpecker and Blue Jays class visited Maidstone Museum. There, we were able to view the Ancient Egypt exhibition which even included a real mummy. We were also able to take part in a workshop which was run by the museum and where we allowed to hold and in some cases wear items from Egypt, some of which were replicas and others were actually thousands of years old!

It was really good fun and we all learnt lots of really amazing and useful information.

Egyptian Mummy Competition and Science Experiments

At the start of our new Topic, Ancient Egypt, we had loads of fun taking part in a Mummifying competition. We have really enjoyed learning all about the Egyptians so far.

We have also been busy being scientists, testing out our own fair tests. We compared how different fizzy drinks would react with Mentos and how different sweets would react with Cola.

2016 – 2017

Recorder Festival

On 22nd of June, Blue Jays class went to a recorder festival at All Saints Church. We went with many other schools. First of all, we had a rehearsal. We spent a long time practicing all the songs we had learnt at school. After lunch, it was time to perform for our audience. It was all very fun and exciting. Overall, the day was mind blowing and we were very proud of ourselves. Even if we were very tired at the end of the day!

Apple Workshop

Blue Jays really enjoyed the Apple Workshop. We found out about different varieties of apple and how they grow. The best part was tasting apples and making apple juice, which was delicious.