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Year 4 – Blue Jays Class

Year 4 – Blue Jays Class

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Chocolate Challenges

Blue Jays have had a cracking time this week. We had our Inspiration Introduction to our new topic, ‘Chocolate’, where we had to undergo various Chocolate Challenges. These challenges included: Guess the chocolate bar from feeling it, Guess the chocolate bar without its wrapper and Guess the chocolate bar by tasting it! It was great fun and we are all looking forward to learning all about chocolate.

Dancing in P.E. with Just Dance

In P.E., year 4 have been taking part in dancing lessons by using the game “Just Dance”. They have all been working very hard to keep up with all the dance moves and overall doing a really fantastic job. Well Done!

Egyptian Mummy Competition and Science Experiments

At the start of our new Topic, Ancient Egypt, we had loads of fun taking part in a Mummifying competition. We have really enjoyed learning all about the Egyptians so far.

We have also been busy being scientists, testing out our own fair tests. We compared how different fizzy drinks would react with Mentos and how different sweets would react with Cola.

2016 – 2017

Recorder Festival

On 22nd of June, Blue Jays class went to a recorder festival at All Saints Church. We went with many other schools. First of all, we had a rehearsal. We spent a long time practicing all the songs we had learnt at school. After lunch, it was time to perform for our audience. It was all very fun and exciting. Overall, the day was mind blowing and we were very proud of ourselves. Even if we were very tired at the end of the day!

Apple Workshop

Blue Jays really enjoyed the Apple Workshop. We found out about different varieties of apple and how they grow. The best part was tasting apples and making apple juice, which was delicious.