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Year 2 – Blackbirds Class

Year 2 – Blackbirds Class

Welcome to Blackbirds Class 2018-2019.

Class Newsletters 2018-2019

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Class Brain Builders 2018-2019

Term 6 2018 – 2019 

Healthy Eating and growing our own food 

Outside our classroom, we are growing rhubarb, spinach, lettuce, carrots, strawberries and some herbs. Some of us have tried these vegetables and fruits for the very first time! We even brought a spinach-strawberry salad to Mrs Tipple to try and let her pick a carrot! Blackbird class are very proud of growing their own food and being brave enough to taste new things. We  can’t wait to invite our parents in to share it with them.

We told Mrs Milligan, our SENCO, that we are trying to make healthy things using our fruit, and she has showed us how to make healthy banana bread, using our left-over snack.   We can’t wait to try to make it in school and bake it for our adults- it was delicious!

Smoothie Making

We loved working out how to share the fruit we had (bananas and 1 strawberry we grew!) to make smoothies for our class. We even shared them with the visitors that were in our school. 

Term 4 2018-2019

We have been continuing with our enquiry question, How Do We Keep Safe?
This term, Blackbirds began their Small Steps training with Kent County Council. Every Wednesday, they will go walking in small groups in the local area and learn how to be vigilant when walking. THey are really enjoying it so far and we have wonderful parent helpers joining us too!

In Science, we have been learning all about life cycles of different animals and we Skyped Farmer Will in Wales to learn all about lambs. He brought us to his friend Emily’s farm to meet her lambs and sheep. Visit our class website here to find out more about our link with Farmer Will and read about the lambs’ first Skype call!

We have also investigated to find the most waterproof material to keep our LEGO people safe.

Our parents were invited in to share our delicious healthy pizza! We learned how to cut our vegetables safely and how to make healthy pizza. Our parents LOVED it and we really hope some Blackbirds will be treating their families to healthy and affordable pizza as a dinner soon!

Term 3 2018-2019

How do we keep safe?
Blackbird class are leading us on our learning inquiry, discovering how people and animals keep themselves safe.
We are reading The Hodgeheg and are producing wonderful artwork and science writing around this. We have done great hedgehog research for our fact files. They’re on display in our classroom.
We have also been drawing dead crickets that one of our Blackbird pupils brought in. They are fascinating!

Blackbirds had great fun today moving like hedgehogs ?

Term 2 2018-2019

We have been Skyping Farmer Will in Wales this term. Click here to find out what Blackbirds have been writing about him.

In Science, we have been working scientifically by observing closely, classifying and recording our observations of living things around our school. We went on a minibeast safari and we compared the different mini beasts that we found. From our close observations, we discoverd that insects love to hide under our flower pots because it is dark there.

Blackbirds have been using their new programming skills to create games and animations for Claude the dog, using Scratch on iPads.

This week we finished making our Claude cityscapes and we made our own Claude complete with red felt jumpers.
We also picked our first apple harvest from the apple tree we planted 2 years ago. They were so tasty!
We have been using GoNoodle everyday also to help our focus, energise us and to learn rhymes on. We love to use it between our tasks.

Blackbirds have had a busy week, creating cityscapes, images and descriptions for our class book, Claude in the City. We have done great work in Maths with our numbers up to 100.

We love our morning mental maths and we’re getting better at reading the questions every day. Each morning, one person gets to be’The Teacher’ and they ask our class all the questions. Mrs Mehigan sits in our place.

We created collage self portraits. We designed our favourite t-shirts too.

During our first week back, Year 2 have been asking many questions to find out all about each other. They have drawn self portraits using mirrors and they commented on how they really improved the second time. Each pair made a Venn diagram to show what their similarities and differences are.
Our class book is ‘Claude in the City’ and we have started making predictions about what we think will happen in this book. Pupils have also made connections about what they already know about cities.

Class Newsletters 2017-2018

Class Spellings

Class Brain Builders

Blackbirds have had such a busy Term 4!

To start with,  we submitted our amazing 500 words space stories to the competition. We continued our space topic and learned about the moon landing and who the first men on the moon were. In Science, we investigated what materials would be best to build a rocket with. Pupils had amazing ideas and used all of their scientific vocabulary.

We also had a Chinese dragon workshop, where we learned how to hold and dance with a Chinese dragon.

At the end of the first week, the rocket that our class made was crash landed in the classroom! Who could it have been? Blackbirds got their magnifying  glasses and evidence bags and began to investigate this mystery. It turns out our hero Skylax was kidnapped and we had a special mission to complete! Pupils had to make lots of spy equipment to hunt the alien.

In PE, we have been curling. Accuracy has been amazing when getting the curling stones onto the target. Future Winter Olympians?

We have had a visit from a retired employee from the European Space Agency and a retired Engineer.

Carrying on with our space and science theme from this term, we even ended up baking space cookies, and they were delicious!!!

In week 4 of this term, we went bird watching to keep a tally of local birds. Not many visit school so we are going to find out how we can improve this.

Blackbird’s Space Update

On Wednesday 7th February, Blackbirds invited their adults to their Oaks Space Academy Party!

 Our classroom was packed with adults! Blackbirds had made cookies on Monday and Tuesday, and during the Space Party, they worked with their adults icing them. It was just a little bit messy but so much fun! After the icing, we created our own planets, rockets and aliens with our adults. We attached them to card and a split pin, and they orbited our planets.
We had so much fun welcoming our adults.

Science Waterproof Materials Investigation

Blackbirds have been busy in Science this week, looking for a material that will keep our LEGO astronauts dry when they Splashdown!

Pupils have gathered their materials, made predictions and today have been wrapping them in their chosen materials and dropping them into trays of water. The best part is the excitement of checking if our astronaut has survived the drop and remained dry!

Blackbirds have made sure this test is fair and have decided that each astronaut must be: dropped from the same height, wrapped in one layer of the chose material and remain in the water for only 10 seconds.

January Update – Space & Rocket Building

Blackbirds have blasted into Term 3!

So far this term, we have learned about the first men on the moon, the names of the planets in our Solar System and how astronauts train and keep fit in space. We have built a rocket taller than our teacher, made space telescopes, made the planets out of papier mache, made amazing space art paintings using 2D shapes and designed a whole mission control play area in our classroom!

We have been non-stop work work work!

Blackbirds are excelling this term in their writing as they cannot stop writing about space! They have made creative story maps and are currently working on these in groups. Over time, these will be turned into books and we will keep you posted about this!

Learning about Christopher Columbus and Google Earth

Year 2 have been busy travelling around the world on Google Earth and we have been mapping the journey of Christopher Columbus across the North Atlantic Ocean. This week, they have been writing letters of application to Columbus, telling him why they should be chosen to sail on one of his boats. The writing we have had from everyone has been amazing. We have sailors who have been sailing since they were 1, sailors who have sailed through forty storms and sailors who can lift twenty wooden barrels! Blackbirds are brave, strong and aren’t even afraid of rough seas and tall waves. They must be really keen to go! 

Practising for the Mason Mile Challenge

With the Mason Mile Challenge soon arriving on the 21st October, Mrs Palmer has been taking the children off site to practise their running. They have all been doing an amazing job, and they’re all getting very well prepared!

Term 1 Update – 11.10.2017

Blackbirds have been working especially hard creatively this past week; they have been learning how to sew! We are reading our class book called Claude in the City and he has a best friend called Sir Bobblysock. We made paper sock templates, cut two of them out of fabric and are now sewing them together. It’s tricky but we are having fun and of course, we are being so careful.

Dolly has even come to try some socks on. She is our real-life model for dog socks!

Blackbirds have also drawn their own maps of Claude’s city and included a key to help him find where to go. They have written clear directions for him too. We are working in teams now to make 3D maps of Claude’s town. Archie has even managed to make a 3D swing for his map! Blackbirds are really  impressing us with their creativity in this project.

Blackbirds Learning in Term 1


Blackbirds have had a busy start to the year. Our Oaks value which we worked on when we returned to school was ‘Enquiring’. Pupils came up with thoughtful questions about the world around them which inspired even more questions from others.

Vincent van Gogh

We then spent 2 weeks learning about Vincent van Gogh. We created our own Sunflower, Starry Night and Wheatfield with Crows art, using paint, collage and oil pastels.


In PE, we have been introduced to Orienteering. Blackbirds are learning how to read a map of the school and search for the hidden Control cards marked on the map.


We have had many English lessons outside, trying to find many different nouns and exciting adjectives to describe them.

2016 – 2017

Drumming Workshop

On Wednesday 5th July we welcomed Phil to our school and he taught us how to drum. The drums we used were called djembe drums. The drums we used weren’t very heavy but Phil’s drum was heavy because Phil’s drum was a proper djembe from Africa and ours were made in China.

Phil held up some different animals and they helped us to play different rhythms. For example we had el-e-phant, black cat jump-ing cat and pink flamingo with long legs. Next we had a beetle, snake and mouse. For the mouse we screamed, when he held up the snake we used our finger nails to scrape the drum and for the beetle we drum with our fingertips.

Finally, we used some boom whackers to make a tune.

Thank you for coming to Oaks Primary Academy Phil.

Sports Day 2017

Blackbird Class report

Before Sports Day had even begun Miss Dunn asked us what we thought the aim of Sports Day was. These are some of our ideas:

– to stay focused

– to have fun

– to work as a team

– try your best

– don’t give up

– be proud of your efforts

– it’s not about winning it’s about taking part

On Wednesday 28th June it was Sports Day. Key Stage 1 in the morning and Key Stage 2 in the afternoon. We were in four different teams. Hever is green, Bodiam is red, Dover yellow and Leeds blue. There were lots of different events including an egg and spoon race, shot put, long jump, football dribble and shoot, a water race, target race, over and under and an obstacle race. At the end of each event our teacher wrote the scores on a piece of paper and we sent it to the Oak Room for Dolly and Mr State to add to the total score. Finally, there were some amazing and fun races. The mums and dads had a sack race (well done to Peaches, Mia and Jasper’s dads and James’ and Joey’s mums for taking part). then the Year 6s had a sack race too, and so did the teachers.

When we had finished we had a picnic lunch with some of the parents. Some people sat on benches and others had bought blankets and chairs. In our picnic lunch we had cheese, tuna or ham rolls, carrots and cucumber, quiche or sausage roll, a muffin and fruit. What a delicious lunch it was!

Thank you to the Year 6s and Mrs Palmer for demonstrating and organising the day and thank you to the parents who came to support us.

Guide Dog Visit 5th June

These are some photos of the Guide Dogs that came to see us on Monday 5th June 2017. Their names were Pedro and Gordon. Pedro’s owner was Paul and Gordon’s owner was called Big Dave.

These are some of the things we found out:

They wear two leads. If the metal handle is up you shouldn’t say hello or disturb the dogs. The normal lead helps to stop the dog running away.

  • Lots of Guide Dogs are Labradors.
  • Guide Dogs help people cross the road if they are blind.
  • Paul was partially sighted and Big Dave wore special glasses.
  • The Guide Dogs are not allowed to bark because it will make their owners jump.
  • It can take up to £35,000 to train a Guide Dog.
  • It can take up to 2 years to get a Guide Dog but if you’re lucky you might get one sooner.

Fun Facts!

You have to be matched to your dog. If you are tall your dog must be tall too!

Guide Dogs eat carrots to help them see in the dark and it keeps their teeth clean and white.

Written by the children in Blackbird Class


Apple World Workshop – 19th & 22nd May

Blackbirds really enjoyed the Apple Workshop. We found out about different varieties of apple and how they grow. The best part was tasting the apples and making apple juice, which was delicious.

Year 2 & Year 3 R.E. Lessons

Woodpecker Class (Y3) have been busy in their RE lessons writing stories about Moses. They invited us to a special story telling session. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories. The children were all very enthusiastic and there was even a round of applause at the end of some of the stories. Thank you Woodpecker Class for the invite.

Art – Watercolours

We have been using a book called Wild by Emily Hughes as our core text. It has some excellent links to our topic this term, ‘Plants’. We have taken part in drama activities including freeze framing, written poems, produced art work and this week we used water colours to produce a background for our poetry.

Paper Making

Can you guess what we’re up to? This is step one in a process that will produce something new from something we would otherwise throw away.

The Great Fire of London

Our topic for Term 4 has been the Great Fire of London. We have loved learning about this historical event and have written poems, newspaper articles and diary entries to show our learning. We wrote with quills, just as Samuel Pepys would have done. It was lots of fun!
We ended our topic with a series of activities…
designing and making our own Tudor houses, creating fire scenes and silhouettes of the houses in London and using charcoal to draw portraits of Samuel Pepys (we loved drawing his periwig and added some laughter lines!). We then went right back to where it all started in Thomas Farrinor’s bakery and made bread rolls. They were delicious!

Fire Safety Talks

On Tuesday 28th March Kent Fire Safety team came to talk to us about keeping safe around fire. We learnt many things such as… when you phone 999 you will be asked which service you need. We remembered the fire, police and ambulance service but did you know that the fourth service is the coastguard? Frances the Firefly told us about being safe around matches and taught us a little rhyme…
Matches, matches never touch,
They can hurt you very much.
We also found out that you should test your smoke alarm once a week and replace the batteries regularly.
A huge thank you to Geoff and the team for helping us to keep safe.

Maths Challenge Book

During Book Week each class was set a challenge to write a Maths Book. Blackbird class were very excited about this. We wrote a book called ‘Blackbirds save the world by Friday’. Everyone in the class became a maths superhero and helped to write and show other people how to solve a variety of maths problems. Some of the problems we helped to solve were about doubling and halving, fractions, division and multiplication.


On Tuesday 21st March we were really excited to welcome Esther from St Martin’s Church to our class. She helped us to gain a greater understanding of the Easter story and share lots of information about Easter traditions. Thank you very much we really enjoyed your visit and learnt a huge amount!


Partitioning!? Help!! We have been putting our thinking caps on to help us to secure our understanding of partitioning. What is partitioning we hear you ask? Well, it is when you have a number and you break it up into tens and ones e.g. 46 = 40 + 6. Partitioning to can help us when we are adding, subtracting and when we reason and do any problem solving with number. We found wearing these hats really helped!

The Outside Area

We have been working hard on the area outside our classroom to make it more usable. Here are some pictures of before we started work…
We hope you agree that it is looking amazing and the best news is we’ve started using it already. We have a Poetree (which we’ll be adding to), new benches and a shed to keep our gardening tools in, a minibeast hotel (we can’t wait to find out what will be hiding in there) and we have begun planting.

Parent’s Math Session

On Thursday 26th January Blackbird Class were joined by some of our parents (and even a great uncle) for a Maths session. During the session we shared some of the strategies we use to solve arithmetic questions, undertook a Maths Trail, made 3D shapes, completed a Shape Hunt, used number cards to try a Maths Quest and used our reasoning skills to explain an answer.

Thank you to all the grown ups who were able to join us, we hope you had fun and enjoyed learning alongside us.

Virtual Tour Of Our Classroom

Please take a ‘virtual’ tour of Blackbird classroom. We have a variety of displays to help with our learning.

Parent Afternoon

On Thursday 13th October Blackbird Class nearly doubled in size! Many of our grown ups came to join us in our learning. As part of our Design Technology we had planned a puppet. During the afternoon we finalised our plans, choose our materials and then got creative. There was lots of discussion about the designs, how to join the different materials and some sewing. By the end of the afternoon we had a stunning array of puppets. There were minions, monsters, Horrid Henry and an array of different animals.

Thank you to all the grown ups who were able to join us. We hope you had fun, got a feel for our ‘can do’ approach to our learning but even more importantly enjoyed spending time with your children (or grandchildren).

Domino’s Pizza Trip

On Tuesday 11th October Blackbird Class visited Domino’s Pizza. We had a fantastic morning. We were able to choose our toppings, shape the dough, put on our toppings, watching it cook, slicing our pizza and finally tasting our pizza! Mmmm, delicious. Once back at school we described our pizza using our senses. We used word wheels, thesauruses and word banks to write noun phrases. Here are some of them…

magnificent and sensationally tasty
cheesy, soft and crispy base
spicy, mouth watering pepperoni

We also then wrote thank you letters. We focused on our sentences, including noun phrases and conjunctions and it also gave us a chance to practice our handwriting.

Below are some photos from our trip:

If you wish to view any more of the photos from Blackbirds class, then please access the gallery page by clicking here.