Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning


What are the priorities for the academy?

The main priority is to provide better support for all teachers so that they can ensure the best possible learning experiences for all learners.

Our sponsor Leigh Academies Trust have the following values which drives our Academy to continually improve.

Leigh Academies Trust Values:

  • Removing barriers and providing opportunities to achieve academic excellence for all.
  • A can-do attitude.
  • Creating successful, independent and respectful young adults with high levels of integrity.
  • Developing resilience throughout all members of the organisation.
  • Community focused and outward facing.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation.

This compounds with our priorities which are:-

  • improving standards in English and Mathematics
  • providing more opportunities for children to discuss their ideas and work independently to improve their language and thinking skills
  • continue the recent improvements in good behaviour
  • improve training for all staff in the use of ICT to support learning and the effective management of the school.

What is the phonics and reading scheme?

If you are not able to attend the workshops that Miss Burrows has organised for parents you can click on the links below and read about the Phonics and Reading schemes and how you can help your child at home.

Changes to Brainbuilders

As a response to the surveys that were completed by parents, the school has decided to redesign the Brainbuilder exercises that our pupils complete.

If you would like to view how the new style of Brainbuilders work, then please click on the link below:

Also, an example of the new style of Brainbuilders can be viewed via clicking on the link below: