The School Playground

The School Playground


Welcome to the Oaks Primary Academy page for our school playground.

Here we will display information on the playground as well as the activities that take place on it. We don’t just using it for playing on either!

Oaks Primary Academy Play Time

Play is very important to children as part of their development and well being, play promotes language and communication, imagination, social skills, physical skills and self esteem. Lunchtime play at Oaks Primary Academy gives the pupils a chance to explore, learn, practice and engage.

At Oaks we try our best to provide activities and games to develop these skills. Lunchtime play gives the children the opportunity to socialise with their friends, to be adventurous, to be creative and be part of a team, maybe even learn a new skill.

As part of the Pupil Employment Scheme our Playpals work hard to keep our KS1 children active and entertained at lunchtime.

A beautiful sunny day back at Oaks Primary Academy and a wonderful lunchtime spent being creative and collaborative!!

Some of the activities available for the pupils are, skipping, ball games, football, role play, puzzles and games and even learning traditional games and songs like: What’s the time Mr Wolf and Oranges and Lemons.

Some of our Year 6 pupils have volunteered their time to engage and support the younger pupils with the activities and games, which has been very productive and successful.

Our playground is not just used for playing though. It also plays a big part in our learning.

We use it for… science, maths, English, PE, story telling, dancing, bikeability, art, bird watching, gardening, telling stories, tree measuring, minibeast hunting, alien hunting and much, much more!