School Dinners

School Dinners


The weekly menus for school dinners for terms 1 and 2 are below:

Week 1 Summer Menu

Week 2 Summer Menu

Week 3 Summer Menu

Olive Dining App

At Oaks Academy, the school dinners are provided for us by a catering company named Olive Dining. They have recently launched a new mobile app that will allow clients to check things such as menus, special offers and news. Please feel free to download this app in order to gain any additional information regarding the dinners at Oaks.


Themed School Meals

On certain days of the school year, Oaks will be serving themed specific school meals.

Please view the dates listed below for when the specific theme days will occur and also click the corresponding links to view the menu for those days.


Free School Meals

For application forms and further information regarding free school meals please click here.