Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club


Oaks Primary Academy provides a daily wrap around care for pupils in the form of a Breakfast Club and an after-school care.

Breakfast Club is open from 8:00am till the beginning of the school day at 8:45am, with all children who attend the school being welcome. The cost is 75p a day or £3.00 a week.

The club includes a healthy breakfast for all pupils who attend, and the food is available via self-service in order to help encourage independence for the children. There are many different daily variations of food available at Breakfast Club, ranging from toast, cereal, fresh fruit, fruit juice and yoghurts. Also there is a selection of hot food on offer, including crumpets, beans/spaghetti, cheese and ham toasties, eggy bread and pancakes available on certain days.

In addition, children can play, socialise and weather permitting use the outside space.

According to recent government studies having a good breakfast results in a positive impact on punctuality, academic results, concentration, behaviour and attainment.

Also if you have any questions regarding Breakfast Club then please come into the school office.