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After School Clubs & Extracurricular Activities

After School Clubs & Extracurricular Activities



To view the Term 1 and 2 Club Schedule please click here

Clubs for Term 1 and 2 start the week beginning Monday 9 September 2019 and finish the week beginning Monday 2 December 201​9.

Please note ALL clubs finish at 4:15pm.

Term 5 and Term 6 After School Clubs Schedule:

Please view the schedule for the after school clubs taking place at Oaks Academy for this term below.

Clubs for Terms 5 and 6 start the week beginning Monday 29th April 2019 and finish the week beginning Monday 8th July 2019.

DayTimeClubStaffMax. NumberCost
Monday3:15pm – 4:15pmArt
Years 1-4
Ms Nelson15No Cost
Monday3:15pm – 4:30pmPioneers Club
Invitation only
Miss Gale-HaslehamNo Cost
Monday3:15pm – 4:15pmLego Club
Years 1-2
Miss State10No Cost
Monday3:15pm - 4:15pmChoir
Years 2 - 6
Miss Dunn & Mrs BennosonNo Cost
Monday3:15 - 4:15pmBook Club
Years R-6
Mrs Rawling15No Cost
Monday3:15 - 4:30pmMulti Sports Club
Years 3-6
Mr Moore and Mrs Palmer25No Cost
Tuesday3:15pm - 4:15pmStay and Play Club
Years R & 1
Mrs Osbourne
& Mrs Morris
12No Cost
Tuesday3:15pm – 4:30pmEMC Football Club
Years 1 - 6
EMC-£4.00 per week
Thursday3:15pm – 4:30pmAfter School Club
Years 1-6
Mrs Mitchell &
Miss Walters
2512 weeks
50p (£6.00)
Thursday3:15pm - 4:15pmForest Club
Years 1-2
Mrs Hughes &
Mrs Hunt
12No Cost
Everyday12:00pm - 12:30pmGardening Club
Invitation Only
Mrs MehiganNo Cost
Everyday12:00pm - 12:30pmConstruction Club
Invitation Only
Mrs MehiganNo Cost

Also if you would like to access the information letter for the after school clubs taking place during terms 5 & 6 then please click the link below.

Parents Information Letter: After School Clubs

Netball Club

This term the netball club have been doing superbly well in both their training and their competitive matches! A huge well done to the netball team.

Art Club

In Art Club this afternoon, KS1 children created their own masterpiece based on the work of Jackson Pollock. The paint not only went on the paper but also on the cupboards, floors and the children themselves!

Gardening Club

Last term, gardening club had over 100 plug plants to plant. These included many varieties of lettuce, cabbage, rocket, spinach and mustard. We had to get the beds ready and prepare the soil. Now in Term 2, our vegetables are looking so healthy and are nearly ready for us to start tasting!

In this dark weather though, it is hard to see the difference between weeds and plants so we are working inside, creating Christmas decorations from all the pine cones we collected from under the trees.

2016 – 2017

After School Club

At After School Club there is a dress up group. The dress up group comes up with a story to play every Thursday. The group is funny and we have fun every time we play. If you do not like to dress up there is an art and craft table. There is also Lego, sandwiches, games and dolls for everyone to enjoy. The club is run for us by Mrs Miles and Mrs Mitchell.


Arts and Crafts Club

We have been learning about how to draw real objects using shapes and lines as well as looking at the different colours we need. This week we decided to draw a picture of the crocus from our garden. We worked very hard to make our pictures reflect the real objects.

Athletics Club

Every Thursday at Oaks Primary Academy, we have the largest after school club we have ever had with 40 children all taking part. Children from Year R to Year 6 were all involved and this week they did amazingly well completing high jump and long jump.

Football Club

Every Tuesday at Oaks Academy, football coaches from outside of the academy come in and teach football to children from across the school. A huge congratulations is in order for all of those who are in involved in the football club after they were all praised for their amazing work and behavior. One of their coaches, Johnny Elwood from EMC Academy even said that “The children at Oaks are a pleasure to coach and we would happily coach the children all day every day.”

Well Done!!!

Stay and Play Club

We love Stay and play club because we can play whatever we want and we have snacks! Sometimes we make our own snack and we have sandwiches or crackers. We can choose to play inside or outside and some of our favourite things to do are:

  • Building dens
  • Playing in the castle
  • Making sand castles
  • Cars
  • Riding bikes
  • Play dough
  • Hoops

Walking Club

Mrs Palmer and Dolly have set up a walking club in the lunch hour and children will be able to join them at 12 O’clock to walk out of school up to the local park for some exercise and relaxation for half an hour. It is an opportunity to learn about responsibility of owning a dog and how to respect our local park areas.

On Thursday Mrs Palmer, Dolly and 8 children from Year 5 and 6 walked out in their high visibility jackets for their first outing. It was very successful and they all took it in turns to walk Dolly. A list has been put up for children to put their name down so that all the children will be given the opportunity to join in. We will be starting with KS2 as a trial.

Young Voices Choir

In January, Oaks Primary Academy choir are taking part in the Young Voices concert at the O2 arena in London. Our choir will be singing with thousands of children from schools around the country. As you can imagine we are all very excited!

We are busy learning the words and practicing the songs and dance moves at the moment. There is lots to learn and one of the songs even has a verse in Welsh, which is quite tricky to learn! Our favourite song at the moment is the Pop Medley.

This term, the children have been working very hard practicing for the the Concert.