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ICT & Internet Safety


Internet Safety Advice

Some useful websites for parents regarding e-Safety for children:

Top 5 Tips for Parents and Carers

  1. Have family rules about how the internet will be used at home and be clear about what information is safest to share online.
  2. Discuss rules about making and meeting online friends.
  3. Make sure you know what your children are doing online much like you would in “real” life.
  4. Make sure that your children are aware that people on websites can lie online.
  5. Make sure your child understands that online actions can have offline consequences.

Here are some other links to the “Know IT All for Parents” information this is a guide to getting the most out of the internet and keeping children safe on line.

Full multi-media version – www.childnet-int.org/kia/parents/CD

Text based version – www.childnet-int.org/kia/parents/cd/textVersion/index.html

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