Dentist School Education Programme

Dentist School Education Programme


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At Staplehurst Dental Practice we recognise the importance of educating children at a young age about the prevention of tooth decay and how they can look after their teeth. As unfortunately, even in today’s society there is still a very high level of decay in young children that carries on in to adulthood. Educating children to changing oral hygiene and dietary habits can make a big difference.

This is an excellent and fun way to introduce the idea of dental prevention measures to children at an early age. So children can take an active interest and understand the importance of looking after their teeth, and how they can look after their teeth on a daily basis.

During the visit children learn about:

  • Who the dentist is
  • What to expect when they go to the dentist, if they haven’t been before.
  • Why it is so important to visit the dentist regularly.
  • What tooth decay is and why it’s so important to prevent it.
  • What the dentist will do to help them if they do have tooth decay.
  • What foods and drinks are “Good or Bad” for teeth.
  • Why it’s so important to brush well and when to brush, and the help that fluoride toothpastes can give.
  • Demonstration of how they can brush their teeth well at home.
  • Plaque disclosing of teeth, so that they can see how their brushing was that morning (age dependant).
  • Home pack: plaque disclosing for home, so that pupils can actually show mum and dad at home how they can do the disclosing (often mum and dad don’t know how it works).
  • Certificate for each child that they have had their Dental School Education Programme with helpful advice to parents as well.

After programme benefits

We would like to welcome all pupils and parents to our website to view further educational information for dental health advice for disease prevention.

This entails an informational blog on various dental health issues, advice sheets, child friendly interactive learning activities, and Instructional videos of everything you need to know about maintaining oral health.