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Oaks News Bloggers

Welcome to Oaks News Bloggers!  We are a group of Year 4 pupils who will keep you up to date about what’s going on in school. Please read our blog to find out more about school life at Oaks Academy.

Also, if you would like to view more of the photos from the events listed below then please visit our gallery by clicking here.

The News Bloggers Team

Introducing your News Blogging Team

DT Club

Every Tuesday DT club meet in Blue Jays classroom. We are making mini ping pong tables with Mr Watts. The first week we had to sand the wood so that it wouldn’t be rough. The next week we screwed the handles onto the wood and painted them. When they are dry we’ll be able to play with them and take them home.


Tree Trouble!

Yesterday we had very strong winds and a big shower of rain. A huge branch started to break from one of our massive trees. The tree surgeons came to saw the branch off, they had to use ropes and climb the tree carrying their chainsaw. Everyone had to stay away until the trees were safe again.


Our Furry Friends

On Monday 5th June, 4-legged and 2-legged visitors came to our school! Two of our friends were people named Paul and Big Dave, the other two were furry guide dogs.  Their names were Pedro and Gordon and they spent the whole day at school.

Paul and Dave told us all about their dogs and how they are trained. Each class had a chance to ask them questions and stroke the dogs.  Some children in Year 5 and 6 tried out being blindfolded and using a white stick to move around.
Nisa and Scarlett

Oaks Academy Art Exhibition

The pupils and staff at Oaks Primary academy were very excited when they were specially commissioned to create art work for a special exhibition at St Martins church, Shepway. The Pentecost themed art work was the main attraction at the St. Martin’s Community Day and Pentecost weekend 2017. Pupils, staff and parents were also invited to attend the exhibition and meet the guest of honour, the Mayor of Maidstone, Councillor Malcom Greer. Mrs McFadden (vice principal) was very proud to receive a gift, that was presented by the the Mayor to the children of Oaks Primary Academy, in recognition of all of their hard work. Both the Mayor and his wife were extremely complimentary about the works of art that had been produced by the pupils of Oaks and Reverend Joyce Addison said after the presentation, “We were all in awe of the work produced by Oaks!”

Apple World Workshops

All classes from Oaks were treated to an apple tasting workshop on the 19th and 22nd May 2017.
Sam, who owns a local Orchard farm and Lucy, both of whom work for the National fruit Show, delivered interactive workshops to all our pupils, from Nursery to Year 6.
Pupils learned about the journey of an apple tree, they tasted different varieties, juiced their own apples and even tried some apple crisps, although some of our younger pupils were a little unsure of the unusual texture of these!
A big highlight of these two days was getting to plant our own apple tree donated to us by the Apple World organisers. We have been taught how to care for it and our pupils are looking forward to the first harvest. Dolly even managed to join in with the planting! Visit the gallery for more photos of this event.
For more information on the workshops, visit http://www.nationalfruitshow.org.uk/education

Outdoor classroom day 2017

Thursday 18th May was Outdoor Classroom Day and we took our learning outside. In maths, Kingfisher class hunted for word problems and then solved them, while others made angles in different ways. There was lots of writing going on and Woodpecker class were inspired by squirrels! Blue Jay class went outside to create food chains and food webs while Blackbird class were busy hunting for natural materials. We were lucky that it only rained after we had all gone home!

Woodpecker Class – Moses books

In R.E. lessons, Woodpecker class have been working together to write books about Moses. This week we met up with Blackbird class and read our books to them. It was such a lovely sunny day we all went outside.

After School Club

At After School Club there is a dress up group. The dress up group comes up with a story to play every Thursday. The group is funny and we have fun every time we play. If you don’t like to dress up there is an art and craft table. There is also Lego, sandwiches, games and dolls for everyone to enjoy. The club is run for us by Mrs Miles and Mrs Mitchell.


Lunchtime Fun

Playing Outside:

There are lots of different activities to try outside at lunchtime.

We can play with toys and equipment:

  • Lego
  • Dolls
  • Hula hoops
  • Skipping
  • Stilts
  • Balls

There are challenges to try. These are timed and the children with the best scores get certificates in Assembly on Friday. These are some of the challenges:

  • Picking up popcorn with chopsticks

There are different sports to try:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey

Best of all, I like playing on the adventure course and the tyres with my friends.



At lunchtime everyone gets the chance to go to the library if they want to. You can read a book to yourself or listen to an adult or a librarian read to you.

In the library there are lots of funny books like Matilda by Roald Dahl. There are also exciting books like “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket.

The library is where all the fun is!


Walking Dolly:

Yesterday some of Blue Jay class were chosen to walk Dolly, our school dog. Mrs Palmer collected us at lunchtime, we put our Hi-Viz jackets on and we were off. Everyone got a turn to hold Dolly’s lead and we walked to the park. We all had a good run around chasing Dolly and it got very hot!


Oaks Football Club

Every Tuesday at Oaks Academy, football coaches from outside of the academy come in and teach football to children from across the school. A huge congratulations is in order for all of those who are in involved in the football club after they were all praised for their amazing work and behavior. One of their coaches, Johnny Elwood from EMC Academy even said that “The children at Oaks are a pleasure to coach and we would happily coach the children all day every day.”

Well Done!!!

Oaks Swimming

On Thursday 27th April following the Yr 4 & 5 swimming lesson at Maidstone Leisure Centre, a member of the public stopped Mrs Palmer to say that they had just walked past the children who were waiting to leave and said how beautifully behaved the children were and were a credit to the school.
The swimming instructors regularly comment on the behaviour of our children. The same day they said how Oaks were a pleasure to teach, always ready to learn and that they never gave up. They also said how they look forward to teaching Oaks every week.
Also, all of the children have been doing really well with their swimming and have been making huge amounts of progress. Well Done!

Year 3 P.E. Lessons

This week during P.E., Woodpecker class have been using ladder equipment to help them practice their speed, agility and quickness.

Red Nose Day – 24th March

Friday 24th March was Red Nose Day and we were all ready to raise money and have lots of fun! We all dressed up in Red Nose Day colours and brought in 25p. We added the 25ps together to see how many mosquito nets we could pay for with each net costing £2.50 each, and we managed to raise enough to pay for 27 nets! Some of us also bought in jokes to tell our friends and in assembly each class told their funniest joke to try and make the ‘Laughter Panel’ laugh the most. We loved singing the Red Nose Day song ‘Put a Nose on it’.

During the week we had been busy baking cakes after school there was a big cake sale. So many people came and bought cakes and we managed to raise over £100. The cakes were all very yummy!

Science Week – 13th – 17th March

This week it is Science Week here at Oaks. The Newsbloggers have been out and about to find out what each class is learning about.

Ducklings and Robins have been learning about their five senses. They have been tasting different fruits, listening to corn popping and looking for colours in nature.

Sparrows have been learning all about the body.

Blackbirds have done some exciting investigations and have made fireworks in a glass and a rainbow in a bottle.

Woodpeckers are learning about our eyes. They have watched a video clip about how our eyes work and they are planning to make a model of moving eyes!

In Blue Jays it’s all about how the lungs breathe in air. They have made a model using a plastic bottle and a balloon!

Kingfishers have been finding out about the heart and have made information posters.

Chaffinches are finding out about our teeth and they have been keeping food diaries.

Lacrosse Festival – 13th March

On Thursday 13th March children from the year 5 class attended a Lacrosse Festival at Swadelands secondary school. All of the children performed really well and deserve a massive congratulations for all of their hard work. Well Done!

Year 2 P.E. Lessons

This week during the Year 2’s P.E. lessons, they have been having to make up their own games and exercises using different parts of equipment. They all did really well and made lots of interesting exercises which you can see below and in the gallery.

All the classes are creating displays for the corridor boards, which you can see in the gallery.

Roman Day – Thursday 9th March

A man called Peter came in to teach Woodpeckers and Blue Jays all about the Romans. We were allowed to try and blow the horn but I wasn’t that good at it! We learnt that in 55 BC the Celts were not ready to fight the Romans when they invaded. They had to use sling shots and stones to fight.

Lots of us enjoyed playing with Roman toys which were made from wood. Now we want to try and make our own Roman toys.


Football Match at Molehill School

On Thursday 9th March, Oaks Football team went to Molehill to play a football match. The game was played in the best spirit and the Oaks team played really well winning the match 3 – 0. Also, more football matches will follow soon after.

Book Week

Between 27th February and 3rd March 2017, Oaks Academy held a book week where all the children and staff and even some of the parents were able to take part in lots of great activities.

Monday 27th February – Pyjama Day

On Monday all of the children were allowed to wear their pyjamas into school and to each donate £1. Some of the children were very lucky because Dolly came to visit in her pyjamas and she gave out lots of cuddles.

Tuesday 28th February – Pancake Day

On Shrove Tuesday our parents and carers were invited into school to decorate pancakes with us.  It was a competition!

My mum came in and we made a character a bit like a snowman.  We used laces, cream, chocolate chips and Smarties. Best of all we got to eat the pancake, although I did share mine with my mum.

Also, year 4 and 5 went to the Cooking Zone and made their own pancakes, which were delicious.


Wednesday 1st March – Story Teller

On Wednesday we had a visit from Helen Tozer. Helen is a story teller and she spent time with each class. We met Helen in the library and listened to different stories. We were amazed that Helen remembered so many stories without reading them from a book.

My favourite story was one about a bird singing in the big blue sky but some of my friends preferred other stories. As well as listening to the stories we joined in with actions and singing.


Thursday 2nd March – World Book Day

Thursday was World Book Day.  Almost everybody came to school dressed as book characters.  Maybe you can spot some of these characters in the gallery photos:

Little Red Riding Hood, Belle, Matilda, The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, Dorothy, Mary Poppins, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and many more.

In Assembly we loved watching everyone parade around the hall to show off their costumes.  Even the teachers dressed up and some of them were hard to recognise!


Ukulele Lessons

This year, Chaffinch class have been enjoying their weekly ukulele lesson with James.

Google Expedition and Road Safety

Tuesday 7th February was a very busy day!

Every class went on a Google Expedition.  We each had a special cardboard holder for an iPhone which we held up to our eyes. I was so excited when I put the cardboard to my eyes because I could see some amazing places. I saw the Colosseum in Rome and could even look inside. This is what the different classes did:

  • Robin class went on an ocean safari
  • Sparrows and Blackbirds explored the site of the Battle of Hastings
  • Woodpeckers and Blue jays investigated Roman ruins
  • Kingfishers and Chaffinches saw New Wonders of the World

Every class also took part in road safety activities. We played games to find out about dangers on the road and learnt about crossing the road safely.


Eco Week 6-10th February

On Monday morning we had an assembly to get us thinking about Eco-week. We found out about the three Rs: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

Lots of us took part in the Eco challenge at home and made something useful from things that would normally be thrown away. Each class chose a winner and there were prizes at the end of the week.

Each class was also set a challenge to make something useful out of 5 plastic bottles. In Kingfisher class we made a flower measuring chart.

Alisha, Archie and Georgina

School Dinner

At Oaks we love our school dinners!

Wednesday is one of the best days because it is always roast dinner. This week it was roast beef and the Yorkshire puddings were scrumptious. There is always a choice for pudding and lots of us like to choose fruit but we like it best when there is milkshake to go with the pudding.

Aderinsola, Archie and Martin

Football Club

Every Tuesday after school three football coaches come in and teach us football. It’s great because every pupil in the school can join football club if they want to. First, we are split into two groups, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Then we go onto the playground and work on our football skills. Our favourite part is the match at the end. We are separated into four teams, which are named after different countries and then the match can begin.

Georgina, Billy and Kobi

Woodpeckers P.E.

Today in P.E. we used the big apparatus in the hall. It was a bit scary at first because it is really high, but it was fun to try something different and new.

The challenges made us move our bodies a lot and we felt like it was making us healthy. We got more confident with our jumping and landing because our P.E. teacher taught us how to do it safely.

Meri, Reece, Tilly and Alice

Year 3

Word Mania!

Oaks are taking part in a challenge with all the other primary schools in our academy cluster. The challenge is a game called Word Mania. The object of the game is to make as many words as you can from the letters in the grid. We have been busy practising for the big competition, which started on 30th January. There are prizes worth £20,000 to be won by the winning schools! We’ll let you know how we get on.

Martin, Archie and Billy

Young Voices 2017

On Thursday 19th January, our choir took part in the Young Voices concert at the O2 arena in London.

We were all very excited, especially the teachers, as we had been practising hard since September. When we arrived we found out that over 7,000 children were taking part and there were also performances from dancers, singers and beatboxers. We loved all the performances, especially the street dancers who were called “Urban Strides”. Our conductor was called David Lawrence and he helped us practise before we performed to a huge audience, which included some of our families and staff from school. We were so excited!

The next day at school we had a celebration and looked at all the photos from the day. Now we are waiting for the DVD of the show to arrive, but it might take 6 weeks.

Cristiano, Kobi, Georgina and Aderinsola

Hockey Term 3

At lunchtime KS2 have been playing hockey and having a wonderful time. It is lovely to see so many students participating responsibly, using their skills they are learning in PE and enjoying themselves.

Badminton – Term 3

We have been very fortunate this term in having some new badminton equipment and Year 6 were the lucky class to unpack and try out the new nets, rackets and shuttlecocks. At the moment lessons are taking place in the hall which is a little cramped but hopefully when the weather improves we should be able to take the equipment outside which will give us a lot more room. Year 5 are also having the opportunity to learn these new skills in their PE lesson and all the children are loving it.

Children’s Christmas Dinner – 21st December

Everyone ate together on the last day of term for our scrumptious Christmas dinner. All the staff served us so we didn’t have to do anything except eat and have fun. We had crackers with hats and some of the jokes made us laugh!

Christingle Service – 21st December

Everyone at Oaks loves our Christingle service and it is our special way of getting ready for Christmas. We sang the songs we have been busy practising and each class read poems, prayers or sang their own song. The most exciting part was when the Christingles were lit. Mrs Biggenden was so proud of all the children, who held their Christingles beautifully.

Yoga P.E. Lessons – Term 2

This term in PE lots of classes have been learning yoga. We really have to concentrate and some of it is quite tricky!

Victorian Trip – 7th December

Have you ever thought about what it was like to be a Victorian? On Wednesday 7th December Kingfisher and Chaffinch classes found out. We dressed in our Victorian clothes, abandoned our school and we were off to Kent Life!

Firstly, we played in the outdoor play area which even had a bouncy castle. Not long after, we went to the Victorian toy shop. We learned about Victorian toys and we were allowed to play with some of the toys. The shopkeeper’s dad had made the toys so they were very old.

Later we met Nancy and she taught us about Christmas in Victorian times. We found out that the Victorians introduced Christmas trees to the UK and then we made Victorian Christmas cards.

One of our favourite parts was meeting Charles Dickens! We acted out the story of Scrooge and Cody was chosen to play the part of Scrooge. It was great fun and everyone laughed.

Ashley, Surab and Cody

Year 5 – Kingfisher Class

Ukulele Performance – 6th December

On Tuesday 6th December the school were treated to a ukulele performance by Kingfisher and Chaffinch classes. During Terms 1 and 2 both classes have been learning the ukulele with James and we were very impressed by their progress. The performance was amazing and we were even able to sing along to some of the songs!

Advent Poems – 30th November 2016

During the Christmas term Woodpecker and Kingfisher classes have been learning about the Christian festival of Advent in their R.E. lessons. They have written some lovely poems which can be seen below.

Children in Need – 18th November 2016

On Spotacular Friday Oaks went spotty mad! As some of you know, it was Children in Need on 18th November and that was when the fun began.

We were in breakfast club waiting for the colourful spots to show up. Did you take part? Everyone paid £1 to dress up and we couldn’t believe our eyes, everyone was covered in spots!

When we got into class we had a spotacular challenge to complete.  We had to make as many words as we could using the letters from “Children in Need. We beat Year 4 and Year 6 and won the challenge.

At break there were 5 really exciting games to play. Most people wanted to go for the game where you had to guess where Pudsey Bear was. There was also a game where you had to guess the name of the dog, and guess what? The name was Hunter!

We raised over £200 for Children in Need and it was a spotacularly fun day.

Georgina and Milan

Year 5

Maidstone Basketball Festival – 14th November 2016

On 14th November Oaks Primary Academy entered into the Maidstone Basketball Festival and they had their best ever results. The team won 4 out of their 5 matches with a very convincing points difference and they’re now through to the Maidstone District Finals on December 6th.

Huge congratulations are in order for Ayo, Mosope, Erik, Nathen, Anastasia, Tawana and Lacymay. Well Done!

St Martin’s Church Adventure – 10th November 2016

On Thursday 10th November Kingfisher class went on an adventure to St. Martin’s church. We were greeted by Esther as soon as we walked in.

Firstly, we sat down and listened to Esther while she explained that we would be following a trail around the church. We had to look for candles and answer questions about the information we found there. Maddie and I went to the organ first and had a look at the hymn books. Then we went to the high altar, it was very exciting!

Once Maddie and I had finished our first candle we went to the prayer corner. I wrote a prayer and pinned on the board with prayers that other people had left. After that we went to the back of the church to see the font and look at the stained glass windows.

At the end we went into the quiet side chapel and Esther explained what it was used for.

Going to St. Martin’s church was great fun and Esther explained everything when we asked questions.


Year 5