Dolly the School Dog

Dolly the School Dog


Welcome to the my page on the website, my name is Dolly and I am the school dog. Here you can find out lots of

information just about me and what I have been doing.

Dolly’s Job Description

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Dolly’s Day 2018-2019:

Dolly enjoying the sprinkling of snow with her friends in Sparrow class.

I have been so busy. I have spent a lot of time with Year 6, practising their singing and listening to their stories.
I loved dressing up in my different outfits for Christmas like my reindeer and Christmas tree jumper.
All this work is thirsty business, so I always have fresh water ready to keep me healthy.

I love coming in to school and pupils love to see me too. They give me the best cuddles!

It’s a rainy start back to Term 1 2018-19!

Luckily, Miss Gale-Hasleham and me have our matching yellow raincoats!

I’ve been so busy in the first week back, meeting all of Robin class in Reception. I know we will all get on great!

The Nativity and the Christmas Fayre

It is getting really exciting at Oaks Primary Academy this week, Christmas is really arriving at school.

Robins and Nursery have been working very hard learning all their lines for their nativity play, and I took my bed in with me so I was comfy while I watched them.  I didn’t actually get to sit in it though because Miss Hughes’ lap is far more comfy.

After school I scurried down the corridor because I love joining the Young Voices choir and I have such fun singing all the songs. I am having trouble learning all the words though, there are so many.

Oaks Primary Academy Yr3/4 Multiskills team took part in a Maidstone Schools Festival on Tuesday and participated in lots of different activities along with different schools. All the scores were added up and Oaks came in 1st place! Wow!  I was very proud to have my photography taken with the winning children.

What do you think of my new Christmas outfit. I have been posing in the office to get my side!

Buddy the elf in Year 4 had been very naughty on Wednesday and Miss Nelson asked me to have a stern word with him. He had taken her stickers and stuck them all over himself. My words had had no effect on him because the Angel from the Christmas tree was found later under Miss Nelson’s chair covered in stickers too. Naughty Buddy.

I haven’t seen Mrs Palmer so happy in a long time.  She had ordered some shelving units for her PE shed and Bill the Caretaker had secretly built them for her and she was beside herself with excitement. I had to ensure they were safe.

On Friday I just had time to help Miss Dunn with the reward assembly. It was a good way of showing all the children my outfit again and to woof at all the Stars of the Week. I loved having my picture taken with Bobby, Bimarsh and Cristiano who won special awards from football club.

On Friday afternoon it was the Christmas Fayre and I had a lovely time with the children looking at the different stalls having a go at the tombola, guessing the number of sweets in a jar, selling Dolly Gingerbread cookies and the best stall of all, Pin the Tail on Dolly!

What a wonderful way to finish the week.

Snow and meeting the Oaks Basketball Team

Another week and the staff and children are working really hard and now preparing for Christmas and all the festivities. I think some of the staff are maybe going slightly mad already… Miss Gale-Hasleham!

Also, Mrs Smith has made an amazing robot for year 3, and she just HAD to give me a cuddle so I wasn’t scared. In Robins, I helped oversee the children with their reading as they settled into school in the morning and then I helped with choosing the day of the week and the weather, so I would know I could take my coat off.

How exciting was it on Thursday! We had our first snow flakes! It was very cold but luckily I had my coat on and my scarf that Robins had made for me. On my way to the Family Centre to see Year 1, look who I bumped in to?  Some of Father Christmas’ little helpers.

On Friday all the children were able to wear trainers to raise money for prizes for the tombola for the school’s Christmas fayre. Unfortunately my paws are a little small for trainers but I did enjoy looking at all the different colours and styles the children wore.

I was walking down the corridor after break and heard some beautiful singing wafting from Year 4 so I popped in and joined in with them.  Everyone knows that I love an opportunity to use my voice! I finally reached my destination and enjoyed working with Year 1 who were setting themselves challenges and I decided to help a house with some of the children. While I was with them, I had a very special moment with Teddy.  Teddy had always thought he had been allergic to dogs and has never even stroked me.  However he has now been told it is safe to come near me and today not only did he stroke me but I could sit on his lap. We were both very happy.

Our basketball team had an awesome achievement this week by reaching the final in the Maidstone Schools Basketball Festival and I was very proud to have my photo taken with them.

I had an amazing surprise to finish the week with a visit by Miss McBride and I just couldn’t stop cuddling her.

What a fabulous week!

Going to Forest Club and Helping Key Stage 1 with their Learning

What a fabulous week I have had with all of the children at Oaks Primary Academy. I have been spending a great deal of my time with Robins because I am able to help them so much with their learning and we have such fun while working hard. This week they have started practising their nativity and they started with singing. I have a very special part to play, but it is a secret so I can’t show you any pictures yet!

I love going to Forest Club with Early Years and this week we set up camp and I was spoilt because I had my own bowl of milk while the children had their hot chocolate.

Year 1 have been working really hard on improving their phonics in order to help them read and write. Fearne even let me sit on her lap while she practised. Lexi also showed me her cursive writing on the white board. Leon and Lola used very good descriptive words to talk about Wilbur and Winnie the cat and their work is even on display in their classroom! I am a very lucky sausage dog and I am going to be the cleverest dachshund in the world!

Children in Need and Ukulele Practise

I have had a quiet week because Mrs Palmer has been taking the children out to various sporting fixtures so I haven’t been able to visit the children as often as I would have liked.

Elli-Mai found me to show off her amazing maths she had done in her PE lesson because unfortunately she couldn’t find her PE kit. She joined in by helping count the different colour beanbags and working out the differences between them and then writing them in her maths book.

I bumped into Amber and Pheonix coming out of Mrs Tipple’s office proudly wearing their Head Teacher badges and Pheonix told me all about her writing.

I love going out to play with the children at break times and I joined some of the girls on the adventure playground.

On Children In Need day, the children and the staff donated £1 to wear Pudsey or spotty clothes.  Robins very kindly made me my own spotty scarf and I wore it all day. Karen in the kitchen made Pudsey shape cookies which I have to confess were very tasty.

Oliver in Yr 3 allowed me to look at his writing and I had great fun with Miss O’Donohue who was teaching Yr 5 the Ukelele.  I even joined in with the singing!

I was so tired at the end of the day I dragged my little legs down to Robins and found my bed and fell fast asleep.

The Dolly Diaries – Robins Class

Welcome to the Dolly Diaries section of my page. Here you will be able to see termly updates of my time inside Robins’s classroom as well as any other classes that I may visit. Please click on the links below to view what Dolly has been up to:

Coming back from Half-Term

Welcome back after a restful half term.

Barnaby Bear from Robins class came to stay with me for the holiday and I had a lovely time showing him all my different furry friends I share my home with.  We were both lucky enough to go show jumping with Mrs Palmer and her daughter. (Put a couple of different pictures

Unfortunately I think when I was pretending to be a horse and jumping in the garden I pulled a muscle in my leg and had to rest it so I only came into school for a couple of days.

It did mean however that Ellie Mai was able to show me her amazing maths and Star who wasn’t able to take part in PE but who counted all the different colour beanbags and then worked out some different maths questions using them.  They very proudly showed me their work.

I promise I will be back in school next week fit and ready to enjoy all the good learning that we all do here at Oaks Primary Academy.

Please also look at Dolly’s Diary produced by Robin Class.  I love spending time with Miss Hughes and Miss Bell as they let me join in with all the activities with the children and we all have such fun.

Happy weekend.

Dolly and Barnaby Bear

Over the half term, I spent lots of time with Barnaby Bear, we did lots of different activities together and Mrs Palmer also took lots of photos of us. If you would like to see what both me and Barnaby were up to, then please click on the link below to see all the fun we had.

Bach to the Future Roadshow and the last week of Term

We had such an exciting start to the week with the Bach (Bark!) to the Future Road Show visit us to play lots of different instruments to the children. They showed us a huge variety of music they could play and the children were allowed to sing and join in too. I even joined in a little.

I also have been running with the children every day to the park and I love to race them.  Unfortunately though, I have caught an infection on my tummy and have had to stay at home.  I have been very good at taking my medication and have been resting lots.  Luckily with 2 weeks half term, I am sure I will make a quick recovery and be bright and ready to come back to school for the new term.

Thank you for letting me share all your amazing learning this term. Have a fabulous half term.

Making Dolly Cookies & Running Practise at the Park

I am exhausted and have to confess I am rather looking forward to half term.  I am trying to keep up with the children with all their varied topics they are covering and I don’t have enough time in the day!

This week in PE all KS2 children have been so excited because we have all been walking up to the park and then practising our running.  I have had great fun because I have been getting so much exercise and getting really fit.

Yr 3 are still busily making their socks (Claude and Sir Bobblysocks) and I went to help them.  I am supposed to be modelling them but looking at the photos I think they might better as body warmers for me!

As I was saying goodbye to the children on Monday evening, I heard some beautiful singing from the hall. I went in and found all the Young Voices practising their songs.  I am not very good at singing but I sat down with them and joined in.  I think they loved having me there.

When I came out I then heard some children talking in a different language. I didn’t understand it so I sneaked my long nose round the door and Miss Gale-Hasleham was teaching Portuguese.  It was very difficult but the children seemed to pick it up very quickly.

On Tuesday my nose started twitching walking down the corridor and I followed the smell all the way to Robins. They were making ginger bread men and they showed me how to weigh the ingredients, mix it all up and then they saved me my own biscuit at the end of the cooking. I like working at Oaks Primary Academy.

Fortunately Robins had PE straight after so I was able to walk with them as they practised walking round the school to help build up their stamina. I also looked after someone’s hair bow and I thought I looked quite pretty.

What do you think of my new coat? It was a little chillier this morning when I left for school so it meant I could wear it to show all the children. I hope that you are all finding your winter coats to keep you warm?

Robins were busy cooking again later in the week and this time they made Dolly cookies. Do you think it looks like me?

While I was there, Miss Hughes introduced me to Barnaby Bear. Barnaby is going to come and stay with me over the half term holidays and he is going to visit all my friends. I am so excited and will be telling all the children on our return about our adventures.

On Friday I have had so much fun. I joined Robins and Nursery for Write Dance in the hall and then I popped into see Blackbirds because Miss O’Donoghue had said to me that the children had completed their socks for me and I needed to try them on.

I hope you have all enjoyed your week at school as much as I have?

Spending Time In Robins Class & My not so Busy Week

I have had a much quieter week I was quite exhausted with all the activities the children had me doing last week.

In PE all the children are continuing with their fitness campaign and this week the children have been doing circuit training. The children worked really hard but when I sat with Casey and Kobi I think they used it as an excuse for a rest! I also had a try and putting a foot in each hoop but I think you will see from the picture my legs just weren’t long enough.

On Tuesday evening Miss O’Donoghue runs an after school gardening club and the children were starting to clear the weeds from the boat in readiness for the vegetable plants that are due to arrive any day. I think I was a little bit of a distraction!

I love visiting Robins class and I showed them that I can do good listening too. Can you spot me?

I am really lucky because Mrs Smith in the office never forgets my breakfast because she knows it is really important for me to keep my energy levels up. This week Weetabix and milk is on the menu.

Following Yr 6 taking part in the Small School Football Festival at the beginning of the week, I thought I would help Mrs Palmer pack the football kit ready for washing and I think you will agree with me, I did a very good job!

I love my job because I get to talk to so many different children and they love telling me about their learning.  Mariam, Scarlett and Emma Lea had just been to see Mrs Tipple to show her their writing and had left it in her office. But you know me, never one to miss a photo opportunity, they had one taken without their work.

On the 21st October I hope a lot of you and your families are going to join me at Mote Park for the Mason Mile Challenge. You can either walk or run and I know I will want to run because I will want to win.  I helped Mrs Morris put the poster out on the display board.

On Friday I had such a busy day. When I go missing Mrs Palmer always knows where I am… Robins Class! Miss Hughes is always kidnapping me but I love it. Today I helped Robins build an obstacle course and they allowed me to have a go.

I think the last photo sums up my brilliant week. Falling asleep with a smile on my face.

National Fitness Day and the McMillan Coffee Morning

I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had time to share my news any earlier with you. On Tuesday we were very fortunate to have a local children’s author, Richard Dodd visit us at Oaks Primary Academy for the day. Each class spent some time with him learning about role of heroes and villains which will help them greatly with their story writing. I was lucky enough to sit in with Year 4 and I showed the children really good sitting with Miss Gale-Hasleham. On the Wednesday it was National Fitness Day and at 9:30 the whole school went onto the playground and a fitness routine together. It was such fun  and all the teachers dressed up for the occasion. Even I dressed up! What do you think of my outfit?

When I visited Year 4, the children were writing really well and Maddie and Isobella really enjoyed showing me their work. I also helped Michael with his research. In Year 2, the children are reading about Claude the Dog and his friend Sir Bobbysock. They are researching and planning to make their own sock. They have even asked me to be a model for them. I am so excited. Also, on Friday the school held a McMillan Coffee morning and all the staff made cakes. I was allowed to look… but not touch, which was very disappointing because they all smelt so tasty. We raised an amazing £235. How fantastic, what a lovely way to finish such an inspirational week.

School Photographs

Well another very busy week!  I started early on Monday morning joining Blackbirds for PE.  The children were learning about orienteering and we started in the hall and then progressed outside on to the school playground.  I had lots of fun chasing around looking for numbers to match up with shapes.

On Tuesday the Kent Messenger came in to take photos of the new Robins children and you know me, I am never one to miss a photo opportunity. I had a cuddle with Miss Hughes with the children and then I sat very nicely on a chair and had my very own photo taken.  Look out for me in the KM just before October half term.  I think there will be lots of children in other schools who will want to come to Oaks when they see me!

In Year 4 the children were working on a computer programming educational game where they have to invent their own game.  I enjoyed helping them and I am hoping they are going to invent a game for dogs with little legs.

On Thursday after school, netball club started. Unfortunately I am too small to catch such a big ball but I joined in with the warm up and did lots of running with the children.

I had to get up extra early on Friday because the grass was being cut and I love a ride of the lawn mower and we managed to get it all done before the children arrived.

When I visited Year 5 the children were working on different subjects and I joined some girls for some reading and then went and helped Billy with some maths on his iPad.  I hope I didn’t distract him too much.

Prathiba and Christopher from Year 3 had produced some amazing work this week and proudly showed Mrs Tipple.  I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to show me under the new display in Reception ‘Stars grow here’.

It was such a lovely day at lunchtime I asked some of Year 6 to take me to the park for some fresh air.  We had running races, which obviously I won and enjoyed being outside.

Year 6 are having a wonderful opportunity of learning to play the guitar and so I joined them to see how they were getting on. Miss Mitchell had a go to and she showed me how to hold one.

After such a busy week I am looking forward to lots of sleep at the weekend.

Meeting the New Pupils and Teachers

I started the new week with a new bed. It is very comfy so if you don’t see me walking around the school, you will know where to find me!

Fortunately the weather has been sunny so I have been walking to the park with the children at lunchtime and we have been running, chatting and having fun. The new Year 3’s really enjoyed their walk.

On Wednesday I had a really busy afternoon with Year 3. In class they have been studying the artist Henri Matisse. We all went outside to find leaves of different shapes and sizes so the children could make a picture. Later on all the students had a recorder lesson and I did try but my paws were too small to hold one so I just watched.

I had a lovely time visiting Yr 1 who are settling in nicely with their new teacher.  They told me what they had been learning and I showed them how I played with my lead and also good sitting.

Yr 6 have been busy preparing their applications for House Captains and they invited me to listen to their applications and I helped Mrs Palmer and Mr Moore choose who had made their best pitch. We are going to make the announcement in assembly.

On Friday afternoon I had such a fun time with Robins. They were completing their first full week at school and had coped really well. Some of the children had drawn pictures of me I did some reading with them. I played musical instruments with them, had a go at cheer leading then met Denny who had dressed up as a dog to keep me company.

My First Week Back to School

Welcome back to the new school year. I hope you have all had an amazing summer holiday and are ready to come back to school to do some super learning.

I was really looking forward to coming back to Oaks for my second year and was so excited to see all the exciting changes that have happened over the summer.

There has been a lot of building work and the PE shed is now huge.  I did try and help with sorting out the equipment but I got distracted and ended up playing with it all instead. Outside in the ‘Quiet’ Area lots of new equipment has appeared and I was allowed to go and try it out.  I think the children are going to have lots of fun as well as getting fit.

At lunchtime it was lovely seeing some old friends and exciting meeting new friends too.

I walked down the corridor after lunch to meet the new Robins class and they sat very quietly while I introduced myself. They were very nice and some of them came and sat next to me and gave me a treat. I think I might be visiting them again very soon!

On the way back I popped in to see how Yr 4 were settling in and I interrupted some very good learning.  The children were very kind and showed me some of their work.

Mr Moore who is our new Yr 6 teacher also got a quick cuddle before I disappeared into the Maths cupboard, where I was just so excited to find a delivery of guitars.  Yr 6 are going to have the opportunity to learn to play them and if you ever you can’t find me, you might find me sneakily practising.

2016 – 2017

Scorching Hot Weather and Sports Day

You might have noticed that I have been a little absent lately. The weather lately was just too hot for me to come to school so I decided to take a little break and I learnt to swim and surf board.

However, when I came back into school, it was Sports Day! I really enjoyed sports day and loved watching all the children compete in the various activities. I did have a go at the shot put, but I don’t think my little paws were big enough to hold the shot.

I had a lovely surprise this week. 2 children from Year 2 came and woke me from my snooze to show me all the thank you letters and cards they had written and drawn for Mrs Palmer after having enjoyed sports day so much. There were lots of pictures of me in them too! I then surprised them by writing an email to say a thank you and I helped Miss Dunn read it out to all the children.

My Really Busy Week

Since we have been back after half term, I have been so busy I haven’t had time to write my blog.

In Year 6 they were learning about computer algorithms and how to program spherus. In doggy language, a plastic ball.  Through the use of an iPad the children were able to guide a computerised ball around obstacles in the hall. I particularly enjoyed chasing them around, although my mouth wasn’t big enough to pick one of them up and run off with it!

Year 6 had also been very busy learning about the General Election and they had chosen candidates to stand for each party and put their argument forward. I couldn’t resist and I decided to set up my own party. I think at Oaks I would win!

We also had the annual hatching of the eggs in Nursery and although I have Shirley and Sharon at home who chase me round the garden, I hadn’t seen chicks before. They did look very tasty, but I decided it wouldn’t be very nice of me to eat one of them!

I popped into the library and found Joey learning his number bonds so I had to have a look to see if they were correct!

Year 5 have had such a busy couple of weeks planning their enterprise week and I visited their classroom when they were in the planning stages. I hope I was of some help!

One of the enterprises that Yr 5 had organised was a charity car wash and also selling burgers and ice creams. Guess who shared an ice cream with me?

Mrs Palmer made the mistake of leaving her pom poms in the office and I couldn’t resist jumping in the box and choosing one to do a little bit of cheer leading with during my lunchtime.

We enjoyed having Leo with us on work experience and he joined in with our activities, and we even had a running race up at the park at lunch time. See if you can spot me in the picture? As a treat we all had a go in the park. We even shared our food from the tuck shop at break time.

I have also been on hunting duty to see if any of the children have left any treats for me in their trays, this one smelt particularly good, but unfortunately there were no goodies found.

This week I met my first ever wood louse and I didn’t know whether to play with it or eat it. Luckily for the wood louse I wasn’t hungry.

To finish off the week it was lovely to be able to visit Year 3 and celebrate some good work that was made by the pupils, particularly Ellie Mai and her maths. It also coincided with the class working towards their Level 3 Gardening Award and a compost bin had just been delivered, so guess who had to go and make sure it was all clean and fresh to use.

Half Term Week

It’s another mad and busy week! All the children have been keeping me so busy with their learning I have to scamper from class to class, outside to the playground, and then back into the office to check the staff are all working hard too, it’s non stop. I had to hide outside Year 2 to try and catch the suns and to also have a little rest!

It has been so exciting this week because all the children have been learning about apples and how they grow and what they produce and I was allowed to help plant a young apple tree in our school garden. I even got to taste some freshly squeezed apple juice.

In Year 2 some of the children have been reading about Sebastian the Sausage Dog, and I was really lucky because they invited me to come and read with them. I think I have found a new boyfriend!

At lunchtime I went and played with the children in the lovely sunshine, although I think I was a little too small to play hula hoop. I went and joined Robbie and Richie for a rest but I am still trying to work out which one is which!

On Thursday it was very exciting because I got to jump on a tractor and help the groundsman cut the grass and paint the lines.

Thank goodness we have a week off. Happy half term everyone.


I am so looking forward to my bed tonight, what a busy week I have had, along with all the children.
I have visited the children in Year 5 learning their song for our Music Festival although I am struggling to remember all the words!
I have been really lucky to spend lots of time with Yr 3 this week and have learnt so much. I helped explain their itinerary for the day. I helped Krish with his comprehension understanding about weeds and particularly how dandelions spread their seeds. I also was able to show Tilly how to log on to her lap top for her maths lesson and generally kept an eye on all the children to make sure they were doing good learning.
I also went out to play with them and we played some ball games and I had a lovely run around to use up some of my energy after being in the classroom all morning.
After my breakfast of branflakes and milk at 11 I like to clean my teeth. Only problem was, I ate it! After my snack I joined Year 4 where Emma was proudly showing her class her neat angles in Maths and I had a quick cuddle.
Friday was a happy day because SATS had finished and I trotted down to say hi to Yr 6 and to say a very big Dolly well done…

May Bank Holiday Week

On Tuesday 2nd May, Year 5 were learning about how the earth rotates and how that changes the position of the sun. This creates shadows which move all throughout the day and we went outside to measure our shadows every hour. Also, the ‘Book Box’ arrived and I spotted a squidgy toy I quite liked the look of. The office have now had to hide it to stop me playing with it. It was a lovely day so I scampered down to Year 4 to ask if some of the children would like to come for a walk to the park at lunch time. We had a lovely time running around and making fun shapes but I was very tired afterwards and had a little lay down in the sun.

On Wednesday I popped into Year 5 who were having a Maths day. They were deciding their favourite sports and putting the answers into different style graphs. Nobody had put running down which is my favourite physical activity. A little later I strolled down the corridor and I noticed that Year 4 were very quiet! I went in and jumped on a chair and sat and listened to Mr Watts explaining what the children would be doing next. I was very impressed with their sitting and listening skills.

Dolly’s Birthday Week

On Monday 24th April it was my 1st birthday!!! I had a cake made for me, and it was like looking in the mirror. I shared it with all the staff and it was very tasty. It was also very exciting because Molly in Nursery had bought me a birthday present so I trotted down to Nursery to collect it. Thank you Molly.

Also, Sunday was St George’s Day, so on Monday afternoon we had an assembly to celebrate.  We had two dragons which visited us whom I didn’t like very much initially, but we did become friends by the end. I was dressed as St George which you will be able to see in some of my photos.

I have been very busy learning with Yr 3 this week and have spent a lot of time in the classroom with them. On Tuesday we were learning about where all different fruits and vegetables come from and I helped Miss O’Donoghue put the labels on the countries in the world where they come from.

Also this week, I have been starting the day with my well balanced breakfast of branflakes and milk.

World War II Week

This week year 5 were having a week all about World War II and the class all dressed up in clothes from the time. Also, the children all made teddies that children would have had during World War II. Year 5 then laid all of their made teddies out and I decided to add my own to their collection as well. Can you spot it?

Eating Flapjacks and Playing the Piano

On Friday Year 3 made savoury flapjacks which were delicious but I wasn’t tall enough to get seconds and on Tuesday I had a new experience when I went to see Ana learning the piano with James. However, I am not sure my legs are long enough to be a pianist.

My Morning Routine

Every morning when I arrive I go straight to the office where I get to have a little bit of milk to help set me up for the day.  Sometimes I also sneak upstairs and enjoy listening to the staff chatting in the staff room about the day’s events. Sometimes I even get to share my office with children and help them read which is always a treat.

Pedro the Guide Dog and Healthy Eating

I like to start the day off with a healthy breakfast and I enjoyed munching on an apple this morning. I also was able to welcome Pedro the guide dog who popped in for a chat to arrange when he and his owner would be coming to visit our school for the day and then I went to see Mrs McFadden to book the date in the school calendar. After that, I had just enough time to sit with Connor and help him with learning some new words. And I managed to get all of this done this week despite it being only Wednesday!

Book Week

On Monday 27th February I didn’t have to wear my usual coat because I was allowed to wear my dressing gown instead because all the children were wearing their pyjamas for the start of book week. I think I looked quite cute and I also bought my favourite cuddly toy with me. I sat really well in assembly and I think I did good sitting and good listening.

I did try and visit most of the children during the day and I hope you enjoy looking at some of the pictures.

It was a very busy day and I couldn’t keep my eyes open by the end of the day because I was so tired.

Returning from February Half-Term

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a lovely half-term.

It has been very exciting since coming back and I have been completely run off of my little legs.

When I came in on Monday there were strange lines on the playground and Mrs Palmer was whooping and jumping and very excited! These lines were are for a new netball court which has been designed on the playground. Apparently she has been waiting for these for 4 years so be warned children you will be doing some fabulous new lessons utilizing them. However, I think my face says it all!!!

I was called in to Yr 5 to help Miss McBride with their maths last week. The children kept me busy and I even helped Miss McBride with the white board! There are no end to my talents. I hope I was of help although I think looking at Tyler’s face, I might have confused him a little, but Chandana did manage to understand.

On Thursday I sneaked in to the library to catch up with some reading before Book Week and Miss Dunn was struggling with the photocopier. I suggested her to check the paper tray and guess what… it was empty. What would these teachers do without me?

Mrs Palmer has also been sorting out her office and I know she has hidden some of my treats, so while I thought she was teaching I decided to try and sniff them out. Unfortunately she caught me trying to find them.

Word Mania

As you are aware Oaks are taking part in the Word Mania Challenge and are using every bit of spare time to build up their scores. It is great fun to play, but I am not very good at spelling but I am learning some new words.

Road Safety and Virtual Reality

On Tuesday and Wednesday all the children were learning about Road Safety and I popped into the hall to look and listen. I am always very safe when walking on the pavement and Mrs Palmer ensures my lead is on and I stay away from the road. Big lorries scare me because they are very noisy.

I also joined in with Years 5 and 6 and we all visited the 7 New Wonders of the World and we didn’t even leave the classroom. The children all wore special virtual reality glasses and had a wonderful time, but unfortunately there wasn’t a doggy pair for me.

Eco Week

What a busy week and it is only Wednesday! It is Eco week at school and all the children have been making models out of old boxes, cartons and plastic bottles. Ruby in Year 3 even made a Dolly model out of her recycling. What do you think? Do you think it looks like me? I then visited Year 5 and their models, some of them were really good and also smelt really nice.