Attendance Trophy Winners Term 6 2018-2019

  • Week 1: Chaffinches 95.4%
  • Week 2: Kingfishers 100%

Attendance Trophy Winners Term 5 2018-2019

  • Week 1: Woodpeckers 98.8%
  • Week 2: Blue Jays 98.8%
  • Week 3: Blackbirds 99%
  • Week 4: Blackbirds 100%
  • Week 5: Woodpeckers and Chaffinches 100%

Attendance Trophy Winners Term 4 2018-2019

  • Week 1: Blackbirds 99.51%
  • Week 2: Kingfishers 98.4%
  • Week 3: Robins 98%
  • Week 4: Blue Jays 95.2%
  • Week 5: Woodpeckers 97.8%
  • Week 6: Blackbirds 98.1%

Attendance Trophy Winners Term 3 2018-2019

  • Week 1: Blackbirds 99%
  • Week 2: Kingfishers 99.3%
  • Week 3: Blackbirds 99%
  • Week 4: Chaffinches 99%
  • Week 5: Woodpeckers 98.5%

Attendance Trophy Winners Term 2 2018-2019

  • Week 1: Woodpecker 100%
  • Week 2: Chaffinch 98.9%
  • Week 3: Blue Jays 99.1%
  • Week 4:Woodpeckers 98.8%
  • Week 5: Kingfishers 100%
  • Week 6: Woodpeckers 98.8%
  • Week 7: Blue Jays 100%

Attendance Trophy Winners Term 1 2018-2019

  • Week 1: Year 6 Chaffinch Class – 100%
  • Week 2: Year 3 Woodpecker Class – 100%
  • Week 3: Year 3 Woodpecker Class – 100%
  • Week 4:Year 6 Chaffinch Class – 100%
  • Week 5:Year 2 Blackbird Class – 98%
  • Week 6:Year 6 – Chaffinch – 98.1%

Slideshow of our Term 1 Stars 2018-2019

Sports Celebration Assembly – Monday 16th July 2018

  • Out of school activities: Darcy, Rob, Richie, Lucy, Amy, Alice
  • Hever House Cup Winners: Surab + Romie
  • Sports Award: Robbie + Richie
  • Sportsman of the Year: Tyrone

Leigh Academies Trust Primary Sports Day

We had a fabulous day celebrating sport in Dartford, competing against all other primary schools in the Trust and we came away with an amazing result – 2nd place!

The events that took place at the LAT Primary Sports Day were:-

Field Events – everyone took part in these:

  • Chest Push
  • Standing Long jump
  • Triple Long Jump
  • High Stepper
  • Javelin

Track Events

  • Obstacle race -4 people
  • 50m race – everybody
  • 50 + 50 relay – 6 people
  • 100 + 100 relay – 6 people
  • 50m continuous relay – everybody
    • Dancing was led by Sports Leaders from The Leigh Academy in between races and lunch.

Olive Dining provided free lunches.

Dragon Dance Ceremony

Oaks have risen to yet another termly challenge, as on Monday 23rd April, all the classes had to collaborate and create a whole school dragon for Mrs Tipple. Little did she know that the pupils would turn into the dragon and even perform a dance! It was outstanding!

Oaks Primary Academy Football Matches

During the Winter term, the football team for Oaks Primary Academy has been extremely successful and deserves a huge amount of praise for their efforts. This term, the team has played against Molehill Primary Academy on 22nd February 2018, which Oaks won 7 – 0. The team played absolutely amazing, well done!

Then on 23rd February 2018, Oaks Primary Academy also competed in the U11 National Football League competition at Maidstone United’s Gallagher Stadium. The team performed really well, but was unfortunately knocked out in the round robin stage of the competition.

Finally on 6th March 2018, Oaks also played against Loose Primary School, which ended with Oaks again being victorious; this time with a 5 – 1 victory. The team again played fantastically, and importantly displayed exceptionally good teamwork with one another!

Young Voices Performance 2018

On Thursday 1st February, Oaks Primary Academy choir took part in the Young Voices concert at the London O2 Arena. We had been practising the songs for months and were very excited when the concert day finally arrived! The afternoon was spent rehearsing the songs and dances with hundreds of choirs from other schools.

After a break for tea, the performance began. We were excited that some of our parents and families were in the audience to see us perform as one amazing choir, with over 7,000 other children. It was such an exciting day, some of us even carried on singing for the whole journey home!

We can’t wait for Young Voices 2019!

Multi Skills Competition

On Tuesday 5th December, children from Years 3 and 4 at Oaks Primary Academy attended the Maidstone Schools Multiskills Festival involving 11 other teams. The children participated in 11 stations using skills they have learnt in their PE lessons during the Year. Sports Leaders from the local secondary school kept score for each school and at the end of the morning the final scores were announced. OPA were the winners. An inspiring example of team work. Well done!

Maidstone Schools Basketball Festival

OPA took part in the qualifying round of the Maidstone Schools Basketball Festival on the 8th November competing against 7 other local schools.  After winning all matches bar one, they earnt their place through to the overall final which took place on Wednesday  29 November.  Playing a further 5 matches they reached the final and lost a very close match.  For such a small school it is a major achievement and we are very proud of our team.

Well done Robbie, Richie, Tyrone, Ashley, Lacy-May, Chandanan and Awa!

Practising for the Mason Mile Challenge

With the Mason Mile Challenge soon arriving on the 21st October, Mrs Palmer has been taking the children off site to practise their running. They have all been doing an amazing job, and they’re all getting very well prepared!

Small Schools Football 7 a Side Tournament – 2nd October

On Monday 2nd October Oaks Primary Academy attended the above tournament at New Line Learning competing against 6 other schools. They scored some fantastic goals and performed as a team and finished 3rd overall which was a very well deserved result.

Macmillan coffee morning – Friday 29th September

A big thank you to the parents and carers who joined us at our coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care. We had so many cakes donated by staff that there were plenty left to sell to children and their families after school. We raised an amazing £239!

National Fitness Day – Wednesday 27th September

On Wednesday 27th September, it was National Fitness Day and Oaks Primary Academy accepted the challenge. The whole school took part in a 15 minute aerobic session outside on the playground with the staff and even Dolly morphing into Jane Fonda! During the day on the half past the hour, a bell would go and all children would put down their work and exercise for 1 minute before continuing on with their learning.  Fitness challenges were also set up on the playground at lunchtime.

2016 – 2017

Greenfields Football Tournament – Thursday 15th June 2017

On Thursday 15th June Oaks Academy’s A and B football teams visited Greenfields Primary school to take part in a football tournament which they had hosted. A huge congratulations is in order for both teams as they both performed extremely well, with the A team managing to even reach the Semi Finals of the competition. Well Done!

Oaks Primary Academy’s Achievements in National Maths Contest

Before the half-term break, Years 1 to 6 at Oaks Primary Academy competed against 1,141 other classes in Sumdog’s National Maths Contest. The competition was open to all primary pupils from across the United Kingdom; all of Oaks classes placed in the top 50 an incredible achievement.

Woodpeckers Class Year 3 were the school champions, coming 10th nationally, closely followed by Blackbirds (Year 2) in 13th place and Chaffinches (Year 6) in 15th position. On the Wednesday of the contest, Kingfisher Class (Year 5) were awarded a special certificate by Sumdog for being the highest scoring class nationally on that day. The contest coincided with the school’s Maths Week and Sumdog certainly was the buzzword of the week.

As well as competing with their class, pupils were also allocated an individual ranking. Out of the 26,532 pupils who entered, 22 of the top 500 pupils came from Oaks Primary Academy, with the vast majority of the rest of their students placing in the top 2,500. Special congratulations must go to Mosope from Chaffinch Class, who was ranked 81st overall. One of our Year 4 pupils “Nisa from Blue Jays class” was one of the most accurate pupils in the contest, with a remarkable accuracy percentage of 97%, and one of the Year 6 pupils, Tawana, showed her mathematical prowess by answering over 2000 questions correctly in the space of just four days.

Sumdog is an online game-based learning tool for mathematics; in a Sumdog contest, success is based on accuracy. Every competitor is challenged at her or his own level as the games have an adaptive learning engine, which ensures that pupils are set targets and are asked questions that have been personalised to their needs. Consequently, the level of difficulty increases as pupils answer more and more questions correctly. Each child has a target of at least 1000 questions to answer during the contest, which determines their individual ranking. An average score for the class is also calculated and this determines the class’s ranking.

Oaks’ pupils took to the contest with enthusiasm and with a clear determination to succeed; as well as competing during school time, most pupils played daily from home as well, showing impressive dedication. Although the contest has now ended, pupils have continued to log in and improve their maths skills, keeping up the competitiveness and drive that Oaks’ pupils are known for. Sumdog has really renewed the passion for maths throughout the school as they head into their final term and children already have their sights set on tackling Sumdog’s summer challenge during the six-week break.

Oaks Academy Art Exhibition

The pupils and staff at Oaks Primary academy were very excited when they were specially commissioned to create art work for a special exhibition at St Martins church, Shepway. The Pentecost themed art work was the main attraction at the St. Martin’s Community Day and Pentecost weekend 2017. Pupils, staff and parents were also invited to attend the exhibition and meet the guest of honour, the Mayor of Maidstone, Councillor Malcom Greer. Mrs McFadden (vice principal) was very proud to receive a gift, that was presented by the the Mayor to the children of Oaks Primary Academy, in recognition of all of their hard work. Both the Mayor and his wife were extremely complimentary about the works of art that had been produced by the pupils of Oaks and Reverend Joyce Addison said after the presentation, “We were all in awe of the work produced by Oaks!”

Maidstone Basketball Festival – 14th November 2016

On 14th November Oaks Primary Academy entered into the Maidstone Basketball Festival and they had their best ever results. The team won 4 out of their 5 matches with a very convincing points difference and they’re now through to the Maidstone District Finals on December 6th.

A huge congratulations are in order for Ayo, Mosope, Erik, Nathen, Anastasia, Tawana and Lacymay. Well Done!

Letter from The Queen – 6th September 2016

On Tuesday 6th September the school received a letter from Her Majesty The Queen as a response to letters that the children sent to her for her 90th birthday. There were two different messages that the school received from The Queen which can both be viewed via the links below.

Letter to the children of Oaks Academy:
Thank you letter from the Queen:

Sports Award Assembly – 13th July 2016

On Wednesday 13th July the school held an assembly in celebration of all the sporting achievements that had been made over the course of the Summer term and the school year. Certificates and swimming medals were presented for Key Stage 2 pupils for their extremely successful swimming this year, and also certificates were given out in celebration of the participation and successes the pupils had in the various sporting events and tournaments that they took part in.

If you would like to view the presentation that was shown during the assembly then please click here.