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Academy Performance Tables and Results

Academy Performance Tables and Results


Welcome to the Oaks Primary Academy performance and results page. Here you will be able to view various different results achieved throughout the school.

Key Stage 2 Performance Tables and Results

For details regarding the performance of Key Stage 2 please view the information below:

Percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard in reading, writing and maths:


The average progress made by KS2 pupils in reading, writing and maths:


Percentage of pupils achieving at a higher standard in reading, writing and maths:

Performance Table


KS2 pupil’s average reading scaled score:


KS2 pupil’s average maths scaled score:


Pupils Achieving a high level of Attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths:

If you would like to view any further information regarding the performances of Key Stage 2 or a more in depth breakdown of each of the results, then please view the school performance website by clicking the link below:

2016 Pupil Outcomes

In addition to the Key Stage 2 performances you can also view the 2016 Pupil Outcomes for the whole academy in the link below: