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The Board of Governors of Leigh Academies Trust has a range of powers and responsibilities which it is legally required to carry out, working in a close and balanced partnership with the Chief Executive and Principals, to ensure that the Academy provides the best possible education for all its students.

Detailed work is carried out in two Committees: Academic Standards and Resources which report to the full Board of Governors.

Oaks Primary Academy also has its own Board of Governors which is shared with Tree Tops Primary Academy, Molehill Primary Academy and Langley Park Primary Academy (the Maidstone Primary Academies Board). The Academy Board is responsible for the day-to-day management and governance of the academies under its jurisdiction. The majority of the leadership and management is delegated to the Principals of each academy. The chairperson of the academy board is represented on the Trust Board to ensure that there is effective and coherent governance.

The Board of Governors of the Maidstone Primary Academies Board

  • Mr N. Willis – Chair
  • Mrs A. Barritte – Vice Chair
  • Mrs D. Biggenden – Executive Principal Governor
  • Mr D. Creasey – Chair of Governors for Molehill Primary Academy
  • Mr W. Barnett – Mascalls Academy Principal Governor
  • Mrs T. Davies – Chair of Governors for Tree Tops Primary Academy
  • Mr D. Elliott – Chair of Governors for Langley Park Primary Academy
  • Mrs K. Major – LAT Peer Principal Governor
  • Mr I. Ludlow – Tree Tops Primary Academy Governor
  • Mrs C. Rotherham – Safeguarding and Parent Governor for Oaks Primary Academy
  • Mr A. Ferguson – Langley Park Primary Academy Governor

Oaks Primary Academy also has a Development Group, which has a largely monitoring role in support of the academy board. The membership of Group is as follows:

  • Mr G. Osborne – Chair
  • Mrs D. Biggenden – Executive Principal Governor
  • Mrs J. Tipple – Principal Governor
  • Mrs S. McFadden – Staff Governor
  • Mrs L. Fidock – LAT Peer Principal Governor
  • Mr I. Miles – Parent Governor
  • Mrs C. Rotherham – Safeguarding and Parent Governor
  • Mr J. Jankowski – Community Governor

If you would like to view the original document containing the Central Kent Governance Structure then please click the link below:

Also, if you would like to view the Oaks Development Group Attendance for the past year 2017-2018, then please click on the link below:

Governors Declaration of Interests

Below is a link displaying the governor’s Declaration of Interests.

Declaration of Interests List

Parent Voice Meetings

Below are links to the reports of the Parent Voice Meetings from throughout the year.

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Meeting from 15th March 2017
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Leigh Academies Trust Governance Documents

Below are links to a number of the Trust governance details which can all be accessed via the Leigh Academies website using the links below:

Annual Report

Annual Audited Accounts

Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

Governance Terms of Reference


Memorandum of Association

The Names of Charity Trustees and Members